Theadina Von Seyfried: A Woman of the World


Talking with model and actress Theadina Seyfried, it’s easy to see why she has a reputation for being both likeable and ambitious. As she talks about her past and about where she is going, she is animated as she details her plans to use her resources to help orphans in Africa even as she continues her modeling and acting work and starts her new business. “I am at the perfect part of my life to pursue the endeavors that really drive me,” she says. “Even though this past year has been hard, I’ve emerged from it stronger and ready to conquer the world. That’s a joke, by the way,” she says, laughing.

Theadina was born in LA but then moved to the Philippines for the first four years of her life. “I think I get some of my empathy from that experience even though I was very young,” she says. “It is a gorgeous country, but I remember some of the poverty I saw. It made an impression on me, even then.”

After she moved back to LA with her parents, Theadina continued her childhood in the Hollywood world and was taken to galleries and museums, which nurtured her interest in people and other cultures.

Theadina says that her upbringing was privileged, and she allowed that to lead her in the wrong direction. “I unfortunately put too much emphasis on appearances and parties. It was easy to do because I didn’t want for anything, but I let that affect what I valued.” 

Theadina went through an intense period of introspection because of her father’s passing a year ago. “I was devastated,” she remembers. “It definitely changes you when you lose a parent, especially when you were close to them. I know that he would want me to use my life to benefit others, so that’s one thing I have thought a lot about: how to serve the world with my talents and with what I have been given.”

One way she wants to impact people is through her acting. “Watching a movie is relaxing, and that’s especially important in these times,” Theadina states. “If I can bring enjoyment to someone who has had a stressful day, that will make me happy. Although, to be honest, I don’t know how relaxed they will be when they see my new movie, a horror short!” 

Theadina becomes especially excited when she talks about her new business. “I am starting a skincare line in 2022,” she states. “I still have to go to South Korea to do research, but that’s the target date. I use La Mer, but even though I love it, it’s very expensive and not easily accessible to other women. So, I plan to make something cheaper but that is still of good quality. I am going to go to Africa because that is where I can get Shea butter in large amounts for the cheapest price. I at least want to have a cleanser, SPF, moisturizer, and night creams. I want all of this to be affordable for women because there’s so much out there that is just tremendously expensive.”

When Theadina thinks about her life five years from now, her ambitious nature is evident. “I see myself either living in Paris or traveling the world. I see a few more films under my belt as well as me getting into French and European cinema, perhaps even a movie, short film, or independent film at the Cannes Film Festival. I will already have my skincare line, of course. I’d like to either build an orphanage or start my own nonprofit organization for young kids or girls. That is my dream. I just want to help people but also make the world a more beautiful and better place. So, the sky’s the limit. Philanthropy mixed with acting, beauty, and business.”

When Theadina is asked about the advice she would give to other rising actors or entrepreneurs, she turns thoughtful. “You can never give up. I know that’s been said, but really, it’s the truth. Nothing will happen if you cave under pressure or adversity. 

Also, you absolutely must believe in yourself. You must be confident when you go to auditions. You will be judged up and down for your looks and for your acting as well as for every move or twitch you make. It is vital that you know yourself, who you are, and the reason why you’re doing something.”

Theadina is grateful that in 2021, she is a woman who understands herself much better. “I really want to do something with my life,” she says, thinking. “I want to keep acting, of course, but I want to step up and be a real leader who makes a difference in solving the issues that keep people from achieving their own success. To me, that will be a life well-spent.”

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