French drugs haul ‘was strawberry Haribo’on March 19, 2021 at 9:34 pm

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Paris police this week claimed a major drugs haul – but it wasn’t what it first seemed to be.

Pink powder and tablets displayed as the result of a police raid

image copyrightPrefacure de Police

This week police in Paris announced a “fruitful investigation” and a raid netting MDMA and ecstasy with a street value of over €1m ($1.2m; £860,000).

But it has turned out to be fruitful in a different way.

Sources close to the investigation now say the pink powder was in fact ground up sweets.

A suspect faces prosecution as police also found stolen mobile phones, as well as a machine used to manufacture ecstasy tablets, Le Parisien reports.

But it is not clear why the original haul was reported to be illegal drugs, nor why seemingly large amounts of an innocuous sweet had been ground into powder.

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