Mark Julian is the Business Baller

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As the 21st century presses on, technology advances and people become better connected, the requirements to succeed in business become more demanding. As more and more talented entrepreneurs are entering the stage and ground-breaking products are released, competition is swelling and it has become harder than ever before to be set apart from the pack. But this isn’t a problem when strategy development, innovation, and plain hard work are the fabric of your DNA. Mark Julian was born ready to hone and develop these inherent traits.

Growing up in a family of 6, with a teacher father and stay at home mother, Mark Julian learned to be industrious and inventive at a young age. He got his first job at 14, and saved enough at that age to buy his first car to take him there. He worked as an attendant until he started his first ever joint venture with his peers cleaning and servicing cars. After finishing high school, Julian, also called MJ, joined the Army, where his untiring creativity followed him. After implementing his suggestions and improving processes around base, Mark Julian received the moniker “Idea Guy”.

After leaving the Army, MJ opened up a handful of different businesses and restaurants, while also going back to college. Selling his businesses in order to go to Notre Dame marked another business milestone, adding to his experience and wisdom. Since graduating from Notre Dame, MJ has bought and sold over 25 individual companies and developed over 60 products from ideas out into the marketplace.

His product experience is largely in the medical field. Bringing his Army “Idea Guy” attitude, he saw countless opportunities to improve upon the innovation of the industry. Recognizing that this innovation would stay hampered as long as things continued the way they were going, MJ intervened and has provided innovative, consumer oriented products into an otherwise stagnant marketplace.

With his focus on creating cutting edge products to help people live and experience healthier lives, MJ is setting himself up as a cornerstone in the medical marketplace. By supplying a wide range of products to solve numerous problems, he is helping improve lives all while expanding businesses profits and growth.

Now, his product development and placement is only a piece of what MJ does. He matches his business intensity and acumen with coaching and training other businesses. MJ is creating a legacy of innovation, explosive business growth, and personal health.

As a part of his consulting and training, MJ is bringing other entrepreneurs and established businesses under his wing, teaching them the lessons and wisdom gained over decades of experience. In what he calls Business Baller University, over at, he offers free resources for guidance. He even has two books out, teaching and laying out everything he knows about finding success in business. They can be found on Amazon here and here. With the Business Baller University, participants will be able to learn from decades of firsthand experience and wisdom, with instructions and actionable guides on how to imitate MJ’s success. Students of MJ will be able to learn from business case studies, attend live training on business and inventing, and read his free resources to train them in leading their businesses to success. He also offers online business assessments, filling out questionnaires to get an idea for the health of a business and the opportunities that lay ahead of it.

But for those who want to truly sit at the feet of the master, he is also selling his expertise by making himself available to personally evaluate new products, prototypes, and businesses, providing feedback, coaching, and maybe even a business deal. Through this paid, one-on-one coaching, business owners and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to make years of progress without making years of mistakes.

MJ has gathered enough resources and experience throughout a successful business life not only to sustain his own success, but ensure the success of others as well. With his hard fought “baptism into inventing” to save a recently bought company, MJ has earned his place as a business coach and leader.


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