When will I able to go to the gym or get a haircut, in England?on February 23, 2021 at 12:00 pm

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Lockdown is being eased in England. When will services like hairdressers, pubs and gyms open?

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England’s lockdown will be gradually eased over the coming weeks, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced.

While schools will reopen on 8 March, it will be a longer wait for services like pubs, hairdressers and gyms to restart.

Pubs and restaurants could reopen from 12 April, but they will only offer outdoor service to begin with.

There will be no 10pm curfew and customers will not be asked to order a substantial meal alongside alcoholic drinks.

They will however, be required to order, and to eat and drink, while seated.

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From 17 May, customers could be allowed to eat and drink inside. The table service rule will remain in place.

Outdoor sport facilities, such as tennis and basketball courts and open air swimming pools will be allowed to reopen on 29 March.

On the same day, meeting-up rules will also be relaxed – with up to six people allowed to gather outdoors. However, people from different households will still need to socially distance from each other.

Formally organised outdoor sports – for adults and children – can also restart and will not be subject to the gatherings limits. However, people will need to follow guidance issued by organisers.

Hairdressers and nail salons – along with non-essential retail and libraries – will be allowed to open on 12 April at the earliest.

To begin with, you will only be allowed to get your hair cut alone or with other members of your household. You will also need to continue to follow social distancing rules.

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Gyms and other types of indoor leisure could open from 12 April.

Initially, you will only be allowed to visit gyms alone or with other members of your household. Gyms and other businesses will also need to make sure social distance rules are followed to reduce the risk of transmission.

Indoor group exercises classes will not be allowed until at least 17 May.

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The majority of outdoor settings and attractions – such as zoos, theme parks, drive-in cinemas – could open from 12 April.

The rules on social contact outdoors will apply in these settings.

Some theatre performances, concerts and sports events could be allowed to open from 17 May.

Indoor events will be allowed to host up to 1,000 people or 50% of a venue’s capacity, whichever is lower. Outdoor events will be allowed to have 4,000 people or 50% capacity, whichever is lower.

The government will also make special provision for large, outdoor, seated venues where crowds can be safely spaced, allowing up to 10,000 people or 25% of total seated capacity, whichever is lower.

Going to larger events above capacity limits and nightclubs could be allowed from 21 June.

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