Sabre Corporation – The Travel Technology Company Behind Sabre Resorts

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Sabre Corporation is an air travel technology business based in Southlake, Texas. It is today the largest worldwide distribution company for air reservations in North America. American Airlines founded the business in 1960, and it was later spun off into its own division, called Sabre Airlines. Today, the business is still run as a wholly owned subsidiary of American Airlines.

Sabre Corporation

The Sabre Corporation prides itself on the innovative services it provides to clients worldwide. In the air travel industry, it serves as the official airfare booking service for millions of passengers every year. However, it also provides customers with onboard Wi-Fi access, baggage loading facilities, seat recline, and more. With its many features, it has become one of the most popular worldwide travel technology company. Customers have come to rely on it because of its customer-centered approach and advanced reservation system.

One of the most unique aspects of this corporation’s operation is its tie-ups with other major companies such as Delta Airlines and Continental Airlines. Aside from its exclusive partnerships with these two giants, the corporation provides customers with numerous other benefits. These include:

Travelocity – The Travelocity application provided by the Sabre Corporation makes reservations easier and more convenient. For example, customers can make hotel and airline reservations right from the website itself. Users can also search through the various dates available for traveling. Travelocity offers travel agents an integrated system that provides clients with real-time travel information; the travel agents can also help individuals plan their trips to match with their needs.

The property management solutions provider offers the following property management services to clients worldwide: property inventory management, property management data management, tax deed verification and land speculation. It was founded by Reed Johnson and Robert Watson in 1979 and currently serves over 13 million people in the United States. The Travelocity application is provided by the technology company called the abacus international. Reed Johnson is a venture capitalist who gained his first degree from Harvard University and has been involved with starting and growing companies like call centers, financial institutions and property management firms. Robert Watson is an experienced entrepreneur who earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Massachusetts.

Sabre Corporation was launched in the year 1976 by Reed Johnson and Robert Watson. The corporation provides travel technology company and abatement services to clients in the hospitality sector. The travel agents can perform airport, train, bus and boat reservations through the travel technology company’s reservation software or the travel agent’s website. Aside from providing online reservation options, the travel agents can also perform hotel, air, cruise and car rental reservations through the travel technology company’s reservation software.

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