Jeff Bezo’s The Singularity – A Discussion

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Jeff Bezos is one of the most self-confident people I have ever met. He knows his competition and knows how tough the market is for independent bookstores on the internet. In 2021, Amazon sued several independent bookstores for selling pirated DVD (eastwest entertainment products) from their warehouses, but later purchased the sites themselves and resold them for 3x the retail price. Jeff Bezo’s stance has changed dramatically ever since he started Amazon.

Amazon Corporation and Jeff Bezos

Today, Jeff Bezo resides in a lake in California and has become a Sage in the new millennium as he continues to chase his dream of creating a super-organism that will transform human life. Recently, he said that we need to focus on what is missing in our lives, rather than what we think is missing. To Jeff Bezo there is nothing special about the creation, and all the knowledge in the world won’t fix anything. On the contrary, everything in the entire universe is correlated and is a part of everything that is. So there is nothing special, nothing that could be fixed and nothing that can be created.

Jeff Bezo also told interviewer Peter Levine that the biggest challenges of life are when we face obstacles in getting what we want and when we face obstacles in getting rid of what we don’t want. In the case of Jeff Bezo, however, obstacles seem to pose no problem. For example, in the case of Amazon, the main problems faced by the corporation and Jeff Bezo are the ever changing marketplace conditions caused by increasing consumer demands for better products at reduced prices. This has forced the company to seek novel approaches to marketing its products, especially in the electronic retail business. Also, there are worries over the future of the high-tech businesses of today, like software and hardware systems.

The main (int argc) argument presented by Jeff Bezo is that one of the biggest challenges we face as a species is determining what is important to us, which will determine what we value and how much we will strive to acquire. This means that the whole society will have to play its role, starting from the government and education systems to private families, regarding what is important for the well-being of humankind as a whole. Thus, according to Jeff Bezo, the challenge is to come up with an ideology that is independent of the interests of the corporate group and of the main (int argc, of course). He believes that such an ideology should be based on the recognition of the interdependence of humans and their relation to the physical world.

Finally, some readers may wonder where such a view of society as seen in Amazon by such a ‘post-modern’ writer, given that everything being technological and computerized, and as Jeff Bezo claims, “the sooner the better”; that the real world is getting closer to a kind of ‘singularity’, whereby human interaction will simply become another machine. And this is exactly where Tomoyer’s The Singularity comes in. He argues that the future of humanity lies in being able to modify themselves genetically, through biotechnology. But this is a very controversial subject, and what exactly we do when we reach this stage, and what we do when we modify our bodies (to get bigger, faster, or more resilient) is still very much unclear.

The book is a short read and covers a rather important subject. It is a book that one should read just once to understand the thinking that underlies its thinking. Amazon’s decision to sell The Singularity on its website is therefore, not only a brave and interesting move but also one that set the path for future books and discussions on these topics. Highly recommended!

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