Eight Steps to Creating a Good Business Card Design

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Business cards are printed cards bearing personal or business information about an individual or a business. They are widely shared during formal introductions for the purpose of convenience as well as a good memory aid. They have the basic component of a rectangular card that has text, logo, and layout design elements on one side while having space for the contact details and name of the holder on the reverse side. Some include a thumb hole which is used to hold business cards in place when not in use. The outer part of the card often includes a fold which can be opened to display the contact information of the holder. There are many different types of business cards, depending on the nature of the business involved.

business cards

In the business of sales and marketing, business cards play a very important role. They are a great way of reaching out to potential clients or reminding existing ones of a particular product or service. The following are eight steps which should be taken to create a professional looking business card design:

Colors: Choose a good business card design that is simple, bright, and easy to read. Avoid neon colors that are too dark as they may distract attention away from the important contact information. Instead, choose colors such as light blue or green or the neutral tones. Such colors are easy to read and make no special impact.

Brand Identity: It is very important to come up with a brand identity that is consistent. The logo should be on the top and everything else follows below. All fonts, colors, and shapes should revolve around that main concept. This means that it is important to consider the colors of your business cards so that they will be able to relate to the brand identity.

Layout: It is very important to consider the layout and format of your business cards. The shape of the layout is always horizontal, but it can also be turned vertical if that makes more sense. The size must be one quarter of an inch to one half an inch. The size of the business cards should be proportional to its content so that they will be easier to read. It is also important to include contact information such as name, phone number, address, email, and fax numbers in a prominent place.

Use the latest business card software: Today, it is easier to create, design, and print business cards. Business card software can help you create high quality business cards in just a few minutes. These cards are made with high-end technology and are easily portable and compatible with any type of computer. There are different types of business card software available and most of them have a basic template, so that you can modify and personalize it to your taste.

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