Jeff Bezo’s Magnetic Generator Review and Amazon Corporation and Its Alternatives

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Amazon and Jeff Bezos are once again at it again. On Thursday, The Washington Post published an article written by White House counselor nominee and CFO Lynnwood LLC Managing Partner Jeff Preston. The article was titled;” Lynnwood LLC’s Jeff Bezo’s Trump-BNK ties to Amazon’s cloud computing”. In the article, Mr. Jeff Bezo referred to as Trump’s “personal secretary and closest confidant”.

Amazon Corporation and Jeff Bezos

AWS believes that it must spotlight the reality of what Trump has stated about Jeff Bezos, the owner and CEO of Amazon and the impact of what Trump has implied about the company. One of the recently unsealed public documents in AWS court filing lists four videos of Trump’s speeches, one where he attacks Bezos owning the Post amongst many other things. In the first video, Trump states that; “We cannot allow the barriers of Washington to keep us from creating great jobs and prosperity”, this is interesting indeed. What this means is that we should understand what “great jobs and prosperity” mean, since according to the dictionary it means “a lot of money.”

In the second video, Trump takes a much different point of view and begins to discuss the concept of life force, or rather electrons, and how it is destroying our planet. This is interesting indeed and is where I disagree with Trump, because although he is correct, and we must save the planet for our children and their children, I fundamentally disagree with his premise. It is not enough to save the planet, it is also necessary to reverse the degenerative process of the planet’s bio-chemical system, and thus create a more abundant life-spark for all of Earth’s population. But, hippie biologists are correct on one thing, and that is that it is possible to reverse this deterioration of the planet’s environment with alternative sources of energy, namely alternative electric sources, such as magnetic generators.

In fact, I think that if we could find a large number of people that believe in the healing powers of magnets and embrace renewable energy production through magnetic generators, then we could solve many of society’s problems right here and right now, and Amazon would be happy to get a piece of the action, as they have been getting a great deal of buzz on this green topic lately. It also would put Amazon into a position of leadership, because they are the one’s who are most interested in preserving the world for future generations. They have already demonstrated through their environmental policies that they will do what is necessary to protect the planet, and Jeff Bezos knows this, too. Thus, Amazon’s partnership with Jeff Bezo’s solar generator is both hopeful and promising for the future.

The third video, titled “Proven Ideas For Alternative Energy”, which was produced by Global Profit TV, actually goes a step further than the other two, in that it asks its viewers if they would be willing to sacrifice Amazon profits so that their fellow citizens can have access to clean, cheap, unlimited energy. The majority of people, as you may surmise, do not really have the stomach to do that, but Amazon made a bet with Bill Gates where they have given him 100 billion dollars. If Amazon can’t deliver on that, then what does? Is there anything else that these folks, and all of us, can do to ensure that the world’s poor are able to have access to an endless, inexhaustible supply of energy? The answer is yes.

We, as individuals, should not wait for the powers that be to decide what we can or cannot do, but we can certainly take immediate action to assist in the transition of our current way of life to a more sustainable and earth-friendly model. Amazon has already shown an interest in the subject, and now it is time for everyone to take advantage of what Amazon has started. If the notion of spending your money to power your own home using free, renewable energy sounds too good to be true, then the chances are that it probably is!

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