Formatting Business Letters For Effective Communication

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A business letter is usually a formal letter from one business to another, to one or more parties, customers, vendors, or others related to the business. The general style of such letter usually depends on the relationship Between the involved parties. For instance, when it is between an attorney and a client, it will be different from the one between a customer and a merchant. Therefore, to start writing a business letter, the following tips should be kept in mind:

business letter format

a. The sender should write his name in the upper left corner of the business letter format. This should be followed by the name of the recipient, i.e., the sender. The sender’s address should also be written in this way. It is also necessary to include the street address of the sender, and the postal address of the recipient.

b. There are two blocks in business letters, namely the front and the back block. The names of the sender and recipient are written in the first line, and then there is a colon in the second line for the purpose of organizing the sentences which constitute the entire format of the document.

c. A single space is allowed between words in the first paragraph and the opening block of the letter. The paragraphs may be written with another single space between them, and at the end of the paragraph there is a single space again. This rule is applicable for both the top and bottom of the page. The bottom paragraph can be marked with another single space only if it contains a heading. The heading in such case is enclosed within a single space.

d. Paragraphs is generally divided into four, and these are regular, short, regular, and long paragraphs. All paragraphs have a distinctive appearance, which depends on the number of independent paragraphs within the same subject matter. If more than one paragraph is contained within the same subject matter, each paragraph has a distinctive appearance. If more than one paragraph contains independent material, then it has a superscript, below which a list of the names of the signer and the date of signing is usually found. If there are no names or the dates, then the signature is entered in the upper block.

e. A single line is generally used for signing. Before the signing, the name of the sender is written on the lower line. On the next line, the words “To” are written, followed by the word “dated”, which refers to the current time. Following this the words “since” are written, followed by a colon and again by the word “signed”. All these formatting business letters are done with the help of some well known templates available on the internet.

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