What Is Amazon’s Future Problems, And What Kinds Of Challenges Can They Expect in the Next Decade?

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Amazon Web Services is placing the words of Trump in the center of their business dispute with the Defense Department over the awarding of the new JEDI (Java Enterprise Application) cloud computing contract to Microsoft. AWS believes that it must spotlight the impact of what Trump has implied about Jeff Bezos, the owner and CEO of Amazon. Here are some of the things that Trump has suggested about Jeff Bezos:

Amazon Corporation and Jeff Bezos

“If Jeff Bezos was a bad leader, there would be nobody else to step up and fill the shoes. If Jeff Bezos was a great leader, nothing would ever get done in the world – period. And if you believe that Jeff Bezos is a life force, you cannot doubt that the future belong to the leaders of this country, to the entrepreneurs who are creating the jobs.”

– Charles Lindbergh became famous because he was a great escape artist from England’s anti-social streak. In World War II, he lived for several years in France and worked for the resistance. During that time, he flew over the English Channel, a feat that even today remains a record in human history. But then again, did anything really change in the world during World War Two? Absolutely not. In fact, the French and British were busy destroying one another and the rest of Europe was busy putting up a resistance against the Germans.

– The United States of America did not have anything to do with World War Two, except inadvertently support the allies by putting Japanese planes into the air with orders to bomb the Royal Air Force at Pearl Harbor. The British and the United States of America joined forces against Japan, but not against Hitler. That is when Amazon’s Jeff Bezos bought the shares of Blue Book, which is now calling Travel & Leisure and changed the travel industry forever. The United States of America was not involved in World War Two.

– Is Amazon the fourth richest company in the world? At the time of this writing, they are number three. Is Jeff Bezos the fourth richest person in the world? He might be, but he does not deserve the plaudits or the titles such as the fourth richest man in the world. All I can say is that the name of Jeff Bezos is enough to make me salivate every time I see it on a New York Magazine cover, Vanity Fair cover, Time Magazine cover, or any other publication that I’m in and they show his picture.

The simple truth is that Jeff Bezos came up with an idea that would change the way we do business, and the way in which companies do business. If Amazon cannot pull off its tremendous global ambitions, then they will certainly fall flat. But, if Jeff Bezos had been any less than brilliant, perhaps they would still be in a different league altogether. It appears that this is something that all entrepreneurs are faced with – innovation challenges. When an entrepreneur has an innovative idea, the devil is in the details, but the details are what make the difference.

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