The Perfect Choice for Business Casual Attire

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Business casual is an ambiguous term, often described as a form of conservative, semi-formal wear but with certain key elements of a good proper lounge suit, originally designed for white- collar workplaces but adapted for more casual wear. As such business casual clothes are usually tailored and slightly dressy, with tailored suits (white or color-coordinated in darker tones) and pressed khakis and t-shirts. For the younger generation business casual clothing can include sport-style jeans and blouses with relaxed but not too slouching appearance.

business casual

It is important to remember that business casual attire is worn to a work environment and not to a social gathering. The key difference between the two is the absence of smart dress codes and smart casual clothing is an ensemble that is “business like” but informal in design. The key aspect of business casual attire is the ability to adapt it to a variety of social situations. For instance, a suit and tie are ideal for a business meeting, but it would be less formal if worn with a business casual environment, such as an office. Likewise a t-shirt and jeans are ideal for a casual lunch meeting, but a sweater and jacket would be a more suitable choice for a formal evening outfit.

Another important consideration when dressing for business casual attire is the use of accessories. Accessories are generally not required wearing but can be ideal for creating the desired effect. Earrings, for instance, can be used to add glamour and sparkle to any outfit, without being considered a business casual outfit. However, be sure not to use earrings which are deemed “too large” by your company’s dress code.

A favourite shoe accessory for business casual attire is loafers. Available in a range of sizes and colors, loafers allow the wearer to look professional without appearing to be a student. There is no reason why the average person should sport loafers, as they are available in every colour and size and can be paired with almost any outfit.

Although jeans are the stereotypical clothing item associated with business casual attire, other clothing items are often overlooked. T-shirts, for instance, are often forgotten in favour of more formal attire, but they can be an ideal choice if the wearer has chosen not to wear a suit. Wearing a white shirt under a pair of blue jeans, for example, can make you look a lot more like a college student than a businessperson. T-shirts, unlike most other types of clothing, can also be adapted to fit a range of body shapes and figures, allowing you to look fashionable regardless of your body shape.

For those who favour extremely casual business casual attire, a pair of designer jeans can also be worn. Jeans can be worn with almost any outfit, including a shirt and tie, and they can even be worn with a summer dress. For those who prefer a more dressy version of jeans, a pair of designer cutoffs, dark ones with elasticized waistbands, are ideal. You can also choose to go completely barefoot, or opt for a pair of comfortable shoes instead. Both of these will make you feel less like you are making a fashion statement, and they will go perfectly with business casual outfits.

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