Jeff Bezo and Amazon – Are They Working Together?

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Amazon Corporation and Jeff Bezos are in some hot water. Some idiot named it first and have stuck to it for years. Even today, when the rest of the world knows it as Coronary Pulmonary Dementia, some folks are still afraid of it. Too many individuals are afraid of the scary unknown name. When they find out that this debilitating disease is also known by its catchy name, “Coronary Pneumatic Disease”, they will surely loosen up their nasty old fears.

Amazon Corporation and Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezo’s original concept for creating Amazon was based on the idea that a virtual store could compete with brick-and-mortar retail stores for the customer’s business. That’s a nice theory, but I doubt anything will come from this. There has been nothing special about Jeff Bezo’s life force since he was born, and it appears he was always destined to be an “average joe.”

The reason I say this is because one of Amazon’s primary business strategies is to focus on “particular kinds of people” who are seeking specific products. Amazon has gone after the high end market with books, yet all of his stock portfolio is made up of penny stocks. He appears to believe that if you target the right customer, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, you just have to add a fresh coat of paint. If someone is searching for “how to get out of debt,” Amazon is not a viable alternative, rather a hippie biologists trying to get into the main stream.

There is nothing special about Amazon either, as a company, they sell consumer goods, period. It is amazing how many times we are told that we must “reinvent ourselves” to be different, but this ignores the fact that we are already exactly what we are. What Jeff Bezo is selling in his book is something very specific: an opportunity to get rich by following a fad, and I believe that to be a mistake.

The “in thing” these days is to get rich quick, the best way to do this is by following the crowd, following the tried and true methods that are not unique to their industry, but all business models are based on the same premise: supply and demand. Jeff Bezo knows a lot about supply and demand, and if he is promoting Amazon, which is after the main trend in the economy, it’s safe to say he doesn’t understand why many of his customers are not going to buy it from him. The main trend in our economy is moving away from the retail sector towards services, or “virtual goods,” where consumer goods are sold online. Services, at least Amazon, seem to be doing pretty well in the online space so far, but it will take time before consumers begin to trust Amazon with their shopping.

If Amazon and Jeff Bezo’s plan for making Amazon Red, the new owner, even more money is based on following the trends in our economy, well then all the sudden, that doesn’t make any sense to me at all. A main trend in our economy is people losing their jobs. When they lose their jobs, they are usually quite happy to find another job, because they know that if they stay put they will be able to find something else. Amazon is taking a hit on its cloud business because the private sector is growing much faster than the government. But, at some point, Amazon will need to start hiring again, but the new hires will have to start hiring, if they are going to run Amazon Red, on their own.

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