Jeff Bezo – A Leadership Mentor

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We should learn from the example of Jeff Bezos, co-founder and owner of Amazon Corporation and owner of Amazon. He has established one of the largest online retailing enterprises in the world today. In his words: “The internet is a platform that is capable of anything”. His business strategies and leadership models of creating an online marketplace, attracting vast customers through strong marketing, developing a culture of customer service excellence and maintaining a focus on providing great customer service to all of his customers and employees. This is an unusual approach by an owner of a publicly held company.

Amazon Corporation and Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezo is right. His thoughts on marketing are well thought out and reflect his vision for Amazon. I also agree with him when he says: “A business should be judged not by the return it makes today but by the kind of impact it can make tomorrow”. Amazon is in a continuous journey of self improvement and Jeff Bezos sees that future clearly through his life force leadership principles of building “a better road ahead”, building “a better home for all its customers and employees”, building “a better future for everyone involved”.

Jeff Bezo’s philosophy on customer service is very important to me, as I am the CEO of two technology companies. I believe the future of our society is being shaped by strong, relevant customer service. In fact, I have a friend who just retired from an executive position at Microsoft who is very critical of my customer service approach. To him what I do and say goes against the philosophy of the founder of Amazon. As he sees it, there is nothing special about customer service, and that it is just corporate philosophy dressed up in the garb of social policy.

The Microsoft CEO was quoted as saying “The best thing we can do for our customers is dumb them down, make them dumb, simplify everything, and sell them something else.” This is quite a comment coming from a famous multimillionaire who is in an industry where selling a PC and getting a DVD is like Disneyland. To an average person these comments might seem silly. However, for someone with profound knowledge about the history of computing and its future, this philosophy makes perfect sense.

Jeff Bezo’s leadership and vision are clearly aligned with the current direction Amazon wishes to take. His philosophy on principle is that people want to be treated well, and in return they will reward you with their loyalty and patronage. Amazon’s future lies heavily on its ability to deliver on its promises to its customers. If it does not live up to its promise of providing products on time that meet or exceed the quality expectations of the customer, then its reputation and brand will suffer.

Amazon’s strategy of building its business on customer care will continue to impact the future of the company, and beyond. It will shape the future of e-commerce. Jeff Bezo’s leadership and commitment to customer service make Amazon the unique company that sets the standard for every other company on the Internet. As the company begins to grow, its influence will extend well beyond its core area of product marketing, into areas that have not been explored before. The success of Amazon will continue to set new standards for e-commerce. And all who know Jeff Bezo knows that it will not be easy to follow his lead.

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