Jeff Bezo and Amazon Corporation

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Amazon is under fire after President Donald Trump called out Amazon during his speech to Congress. In the speech Trump called out Amazon and its CEO Jeff Bezos. What was Trump’s reasoning? Was he trying to say that he supports competition in the market place and so do Bezos, which in turn keeps Amazon from growing unchecked. In the meantime, let’s take a look at who else owns companies that are a part of Amazon and how they are doing as a company.

Amazon Corporation and Jeff Bezos

As it turns out, not so coincidentally, two very important individuals are the owners of Amazon. Jeff Bezos is the founder and owner of Amazon. AWS is an Internet company that also happens to own a stake in Amazon. AWS is best known for being one of the fastest growing internet companies in recent years. Its clients include governments, financial institutions, telecommunication companies, and even colleges and universities. One of the sealed documents from AWS court filing actually lists two videos of Trump speaking about Jeff Bezo’s ownership of the Post, among many other things.

So, as it turns out, there is another person who actually contributed significantly to the growth of Amazon, and that is none other than Jeff Bezos. The founder and owner of Amazon happen to be one of President Barack Obama’s top picks for vice president in his administration. So, if anything, we can see that the criticism of Amazon and Jeff Bezos by President Donald Trump was well founded. After all, the two men are part of a couple who happen to own a major online retail franchise that happens to operate in every state in the country.

Now then, I suppose one could say that these companies need each other, and Amazon is a crucial element of Obama’s ‘green’ agenda. If you’ll recall, when Obama first ran for office, he spoke of going green and creating a ‘green jobs’ boom for America. And his running mate then was Senator Joe Biden. Well, both of them have had environmental issues on their presidential campaign trail, and Senator Ted Kennedy. Now then, it makes one wonder if either of them would have ever bought from Amazon for their own personal gain if they had their hands on the company.

Now then, I suppose one could also argue that without the presence of Amazon, Wal-Mart and other retail giants would not exist, and we all know how tough those giant retailers are at the moment. So, is Jeff Bezos a genius, or just another hack? That is for others to decide, but one thing is for sure, if Amazon would not exist, then neither would Wal-Mart, and that would mean no less income, and thus no less competition for consumers. Therefore, I ask is Jeff Bezo a genius, and should I be worried?

I do wish to see Amazon get its act together, and hire enough people to help with the customer service problems, and make sure that the merchandise is delivered on time, by trained and certified drivers. I also wish to see that Amazon offers the same benefits and pay that other large retail companies offer, but they go the extra mile, and that is what I call authenticity. I cannot remember the name of the other company that was so kind as to buy an entire industry, but I do know that they are now in competition with each other like bees. What are your thoughts? Perhaps this article is of interest to propel thought in 2021.

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