Sabre Corporation Joins hands with The Abacus International

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Sabre Corporation is an international travel technology firm based in southlake, Texas. It is now the largest worldwide distribution service provider for air travel bookings within North America. American Airlines launched the business in 1960, and later it was spun-off into several other clients. The company has its main headquarters in Houston and also has operations in Canada, Mexico, Italy and Spain. Earlier it had been a part of Continental Airlines and operated from Dallas Fort Worth, but is now main-stream. It offers online booking facilities as well as online purchasing from its website.

Sabre Corporation

Sabre is also known as ACM International and operates from Phoenix, Arizona. It provides a complete travel agents and reservation system to the clients. The company offers a variety of services such as hotel bookings, group bookings, corporate events, cruises, and educational trips. In addition to these it offers personal guidance and booking suggestions through its customer care services, and also conducts airport promotions.

A large portion of Sabre’s business comes from United Airlines and Continental Airlines, with other clients being Delta Airlines, US Airways and Continental Airlines. All of these airlines use the same reservation system, which allows customers to book seats without having to wait for a connecting flight. Customers can book their tickets online, over the phone or by e-mail. They can either pay by credit card, by pre-checkout or via the Internet. The online booking facility enables customers to search and select flights according to their budgets. All of these, however, use the same reservation system and web-based portal – the same as the other major airlines’ websites.

Sabre Corporation provides an easy to use web presence, which enables customers to research and book their airline tickets online, from anywhere in the world. There is a detailed website that lists all of the airlines operated by Sabre and highlights each airline’s special offers. At the bottom of each page is a frequently asked questions page, which answers commonly asked questions about Sabre’s services and highlights more in-depth information on each airline. An online newsletter also provides frequent updates on all major new happenings within the travel industry and keeps customers informed of any specials or deals that are currently available.

Sabre is committed to continuing to provide the best possible customer experience and is constantly exploring technological solutions to ensure its customers’ satisfaction. It provides extensive customer service and educational programs to its members and partners. Its mission is to enhance travel safety and comfort and promote world commerce by developing comprehensive educational and marketing programs in the areas of technology, safety and security. Sabre’s commitment to quality customer service is exemplified by the inclusion of a corporate call center in the company’s portfolio. Located in Chicago, Illinois, the call center provides friendly, informative and professional support to its clientele twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

To enhance the organization’s ability to serve its customers and to increase the company’s global distribution system, Sabre Corporation has formed a joint venture relationship with The Abacus International, a technology company whose core business is helping clients develop and manage their supply chain. The strategic partnership between Sabre and The Abacus International will help Sabre increase its market penetration in Asia Pacific countries such as China, Hong Kong, and India. Additionally, The Abacus International will help Sabre increase its presence in Europe, Middle East, Latin America and North America. Both parties stand to gain a substantial increase in revenue and market share by exploiting the combined research, technology, and market resources of each company. In addition, The Abacus International will be responsible for ensuring that all components of the joint venture deal mesh well with each other and with customer needs.

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