Business Casual Dressing 101

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Business casual is an ambiguous term, often considered to be any casual dress code, however with sharp edges of a proper casual lounge outfit from more traditional formal wear, adapted for less formal white-collar workplace environments. This vague “clothing code” covers a broad range of attire from suits and tuxedos to jeans and blouses. A perfect example of business casual dress code is the slacks, black dress shirts, button-down collars, dark shoes, and socks. The “sexy factor” is negated with suitable, conservative apparels, though appropriate, for professional or business casual situations.

business casual

In business casual dress, the focus tends to be on the clothing’s construction rather than its fashion statement. When business men and women dress in this style they typically choose clothing in a conservative style. Colors such as gray, navy blue, charcoal gray, black, or even dark red are usually reserved for this attire, and more muted colors such as cream, beige, or even pale yellow may be used for undergarments and accessories.

Another tip for dressing in business casual attire is to select tops with a button or snap closure, as opposed to a cowl neck style. This allows more mobility and movement, which eliminate the need for the top to be pulled up. Additionally, the jacket must always be worn in a tailored, business-style jacket, not the baseball cap variety most commonly worn by office workers. Likewise, shirts should be worn with a button, not a flap, cuff, or band. Lastly, it is typically not recommended, except in very informal settings, to wear socks with business attire.

The key to dressing in business casual environment is to make the most of the inherent differences between the various alternatives. For instance, while it might be appropriate to wear a t-shirt with a business suit, it would be much less so to wear a tank top with a business casual outfit. Likewise, it is not necessarily unprofessional to wear athletic shoes or flip-flops, but these accessories would not be appropriate with a business suit or blouse, for example. Herein lies the key: find the current fashion trends, and make the appropriate adjustments to your outfit to meet the current fashion trends.

There are many other options as far as what clothing items are appropriate to wear in a business casual dress code. For example, jeans are generally not worn with business attire; however, they can be worn if they are well-washed and well-polished. Furthermore, it is common to see socks (as well as booties and jackets) being worn with a business casual ensemble. Finally, a sports outfit can be worn with business attire. The key to finding appropriate clothing is to simply observe current fashion trends and make appropriate adjustments where needed.

Shopping for a collared shirt or khaki pants is relatively easy. You can go to any department store and find just what you need. If you have a more specific style in mind, it can be beneficial to look at the various online vendors to see what kind of selection they have. In addition to finding exactly what you want, you can also take advantage of the current low prices of these products, which will make your purchase even more affordable! The key is to be comfortable in your business-casual outfit, while still maintaining a professional appearance.

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