Joshua Littlejohn is Changing the Way Businesses Operate at 22


Joshua Littlejohn is quickly helping companies change the way they do customer service,
system support, and more.

The 22-year-old created his productivity solutions agency, Norgress, in January of 2017.
Norgress uses technology-based solutions to help solve the needs of business clients. The
company specializes in system support, customer service, communications, and development.

The Alberta-based startup produces white-label services and projects that simulate the results of bigger in-house teams. To accomplish this, the company uses a network of individual contractors and other organizations, coupled with proprietary technology-based systems that help to fulfill complex projects at significantly reduced prices.

“I started Norgress while unemployed and broke — since then it has been a frontrunner in
providing a way for companies to reduce expenses and better serve their customers,” Joshua stated. “The company embraces a sense of purpose that goes beyond just maximizing our client profits. Instead, we find new ways to meet operational needs, while considering the welfare of
all stakeholders.”

The young founder leads his team thorough an understanding of the way corporations,
outsourcing and the internal system operates and allows his clients to pick and choose the
specific, areas and functions they want to keep in-house while providing them with a
network and systems to delegate the rest.

While Norgress’s model has oftentimes been compared to freelancing, its systems and
solutions provide clients with results that rival the work of in-house teams and relies
heavily on systems and not just people to get projects done, according to Littlejohn.

Joshua first gained exposure to the world of technology while attending Carleton
University, where he studied networking before transferring to the JR Shaw School of
Business at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

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