What Are Amazon Book Clubs?

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At the beginning of his keynote address, Jeff Bezos gave the world an overview of the dynamics at work in Amazon. To people who don’t know much about Amazon or the company, Bezos was basically saying that they have a very good start. There are plenty of advantages that Bezos is highlighting.

Amazon Corporation and Jeff Bezos

First, he noted that the book clubs have a lot of reasons to want to read about Amazon. They will have a sense of ownership over Amazon by participating in the book clubs. They can say that they are members of these groups and they get to read about the world’s most popular company. They can even feel as if they are contributing to society. That’s why many people feel like they are getting their money’s worth from joining these book clubs.

Second, Amazon is really into giving away books. People can get a Kindle, which is a kindle with an electronic reader built into it. Then they can use this to purchase books and they are not even a part of Amazon. They have all the same books and even different ones as people on their list but because they are buying their own books they aren’t using the book club program and they won’t have to pay extra for the book.

Third, another thing that is important to mention is that book clubs are becoming more popular. Many people that are signing up for book clubs aren’t sure about what it is all about. They just want to get the book and they don’t want to think about anything else. They don’t want to sign up for anything and yet they want to get all the books at no cost so they don’t mind spending some money for the books and getting them all at once.

Fourth, when people hear about book clubs they think that they are just going to give out magazines and newspapers. They don’t think that this is going to be something fun or enjoyable. So instead of going to a bookstore and picking up the magazine or newspaper, people like to pick up the book instead. The magazines and newspapers are expensive so having all of the books all at once will save people money.

Fifth, another reason that people are interested in book clubs is because they can get discounts on many things. Since everyone is participating in the book clubs, Amazon is getting a lot of positive publicity. The customers are excited about the possibility of being able to get the books at a lower price and they also don’t want to have to buy the magazine every month.

Sixth, the book clubs can even be used as a driving force. If they are getting enough customers, Amazon will offer to send the books to the book clubs for free so that they can send them out. After a period of time, Amazon will follow through with this offer and it can bring a lot of people to the company at the same time.

As you can see, there are lots of advantages that Amazon has to offer the book clubs. These benefits make it worth joining a book club and for many people that’s a great option.

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