How to Wear Business Casual Outfits to Avoid Distractions

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Business casual attire has undergone a sea change since its inception in the year 1940. Unlike its other versions that were originally meant for office, it has since evolved into an ensemble worn by individuals who want to look professional but are not obligated to follow a formal dress code. Casual dress codes are now widely used for various purposes including work and parties.

Before being updated, business casual could be defined as follows: look like you’re just going to school or work. This kind of dressing is very basic, with pants, shirt, a jacket, and a tie. It’s pretty simple and easy to pull off, although it would be best to avoid mixing it up with formal business wear.

You can mix it up with something that may slightly change the overall look. For example, adding a pair of jeans over slacks, or a shirt and skirt instead of a suit. It gives a completely different look.

Casual business outfit can also be combined with black tie events such as wedding ceremonies, sporting events, or other formal events. It can give a more elegant and classy touch to your look. It’s important to add the right accessories so you can easily make it come together.

On the other hand, you don’t have to be formal about it to be able to wear in a business casual outfit. You can still accessorize for it without feeling like you’re wearing a suit. Mix and match it with things that are comfortable for you, like your shoes, shirts, and ties.

If you’re looking for your own way to look professionally, you can try wearing casual clothes that match your personality. For example, if you’re the type who wants to do everything on their own, you can opt for an ensemble that combines vintage style with high-tech features. Wear trousers or shorts, choose jackets that have nice details, or even avoid pants altogether and wear skirts.

Since business casual does not require you to be completely sober, you can mix it up with other people if you need accessories for it. You can have two shirts in one or go for ties instead of the usual button-down. A nice cardigan is great for showing your collarbone if you want to stand out. You can also use an ankle bracelet to tie back your skirt.

You can also combine it with a cardigan or scarf. However, don’t forget to carry your business card, as well as pens, a pen, and a blank memo pad. This is to avoid accidental spilling of ink or anything else that could make you lose focus.

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