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The primary way of marketing for small businesses is by handouts, business cards and direct mail pieces. However, this information can be very old fashioned. Your cards and mailings are still being sent out to people who are no longer interested in your business, but they still sit on their desks or in their drawers gathering dust.

Advertising with business cards is an old way of marketing. You have a limited number of them and they can be a real hassle to produce. That’s why we recommend handouts and direct mail pieces to your customers and potential customers. There are also other forms of advertising, but we’ve found that the most effective is information and direct sales.

For a new business, a small business, or an Internet business, the best way to send out information to customers and prospects is by business cards. Business cards will help you to establish a professional image, they can tell a story about your business and most importantly, they provide you with contact information for future marketing. Business cards are a great opportunity to collect names and email addresses. It’s important to know the name and address of your customer so you can call them back when your business grows. You can find these business cards online at a minimal cost and make sure that you get a professional looking design with your own logo.

To design your business card, you can use a high quality paper that is acid free. It should be glossy so it doesn’t fade and don’t use regular paper, it will not work as well. When choosing a material, you want something that will stand up to printing over time. You should have a wide variety of designs available. Many business cards offer several options of themes so you can choose a simple design with simple words or you can choose a more complex design with pictures and graphics.

If you don’t know how to design a business card, then look online and you’find plenty of ways to get ideas. Design your own business card with simple graphics and use as many colors as you want. It’s important to get the design just right to make your customers feel at ease.

Another good way to use business cards is to put them in envelopes. This allows you to add a little more personal touch and it is also a great way to distribute the business cards. By putting them in envelopes you can give customers the option of keeping them as a reminder of your business or sending them home as part of a thank you note.

If you’re going to use your business cards to distribute them, try to give each person one. They are cheap and the recipients will be glad you gave them a card, but you want to use them to get the word out about your business and this will help you do that.

Mailing a few business cards to customers is also a good idea. If you send them a card for a month, then you have them seeing you and they’ll start to remember your business.

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