Entrepreneur, Founder and Innovator – Jeff Bezos

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The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, knows how to make a lot of money. He created the corporation by outfitting warehouse space in his garage with the sole purpose of selling the goods that he had accumulated through the years. He became the second richest man in the world. His wealth made him one of the wealthiest people on the planet.

Amazon Corporation and Jeff Bezos

Today, his empire stretches over different e-commerce platforms as well as hardware companies that serve clients worldwide. Aside, from his company, Amazon, Bezos also owns the Washington Post, an online newspaper that he started. It is one of the most-read newspapers online today.

Another entity that Bezos owns is the Washington Post, which is a magazine and a book publisher. The Post is also one of the most-read magazines in the country. He founded it in 1986 and he eventually bought out the entire shares of the previous owners. The newspapers were sold to John Watson and Eugene Meyer, two Pulitzer Prize winners.

Jeff Bezos is not just a famous person; he is a pioneer. He started what is now known as Amazon when he was a teenager. He had no experience or business background. Still, he took a chance and jumped into a new field that could earn him a lot of money.

Amazon never focuses on products or selling of products but rather on selling people or businesses a service. Bezos started his company by building an online store in 1996, offering customers a range of services. Initially, he sold electronic items, books, music, and DVDs, but today he sells services like books, music, and videos as well.

Services offered by Amazon are varied and include different kinds of computer software, such as its very own Kindle software. It also provides computer monitors, LCD televisions, digital cameras, and many other audio-visual devices. Amazon also offers software for video games and other entertainment. Today, more than ten million people worldwide use the Amazon store.

Although Bezos had some initial flop, he kept on growing his company to where it is today. His investors and some of his employees worked hard to expand his empire and it became one of the largest in the world. All of these achievements are thanks to Bezos’ creativity and innovation. He used these to set up and build the Bezos corporation.

Amazon is far from being a moneymaking machine. Bezos, however, has built a very profitable enterprise because of his brilliant ideas and innovative attitude.

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