What Are the Mesothelioma Causes?

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Mesothelioma causes are complex and varied, but the basics remain the same. The most well-known are asbestos exposure and cancer caused by asbestos exposure. Mesothelioma is one of several forms of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos, but the medical terminology for this particular form of cancer is probably not so familiar to most of us. The medical term for asbestos is chrysotile, and the malignant mesothelioma resulting from asbestos exposure is called mesothelioma.

mesothelioma Causes

The cause of mesothelioma is something that is not very well understood and is likely multifactorial in nature. There is every reason to believe that there is a genetic component to mesothelioma. As a matter of fact, some researchers think that our bodies may be programmed to build up an immunity to asbestos based on our ancestors’ exposure to asbestos. Even today, if someone in your family has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you may be susceptible. So, it’s important to understand mesothelioma causes and avoid them if you can.

There is good evidence that asbestos exposure causes some forms of mesothelioma. The good news is that most people exposed to asbestos only become sick a few years after they have been exposed to it. It is also possible that you could be exposed to asbestos and develop mesothelioma without ever being aware of it.

If you smoke cigarettes, it is likely that you are at risk for developing mesothelioma due to asbestos exposure. That is because smoking is a known carcinogen, which means that it causes cancer. However, while smoking is clearly a risk factor, it is also possible that other exposures can cause mesothelioma.

There is no doubt that asbestos exposure can lead to an increase in the frequency of cancer. However, since these mesothelioma causes are usually slow growing, they tend to grow quietly and slowly. The fact that most of the symptoms occur months or even years after exposure to asbestos can make diagnosis difficult. However, the more common and more obvious signs and symptoms can help doctors find out if asbestos exposure is the cause of your cancer.

One common sign of asbestos exposure is fibrosis. This type of fibrosis occurs when the cancerous tissue grows in a certain part of the body. In the case of mesothelioma, this growth may be in a part of the lung or in the abdominal cavity.

Mesothelioma causes can also involve exposure to certain drugs. Some of the drugs that have been associated with developing mesothelioma include drugs used to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, such as emphysema. There is also a strong association between taking medicines that are used to treat hypertension and mesothelioma. Thus, anyone who is currently taking one of these drugs should seriously consider speaking to their doctor about their next course of treatment.

Smoking and alcohol are very common factors in the development of mesothelioma. Any smokers who have developed this condition should consider quitting altogether. By doing so, not only will they be protecting themselves from mesothelioma, but they will also be saving many lives.

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