Amazon and Jeff Bezos – A Very Private History

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This has nothing to do with Amazon, but a rather interesting story from an individual who was so frustrated with the performance of the corporation that he went rogue, and claimed that the management there was involved in a very large scale fraud. What he revealed to the world was that several employees had been paid bonuses, without being given any work. He claimed that those bonuses were actually meant to help the company keep control of its own employees.

Amazon Corporation and Jeff Bezos

The story is quite interesting, because it goes into some of the history of Amazon, and how it has evolved as a company, and how it was taken over by Jeff Bezos. It is not something that you can just go in there and read about, unless you have been in the company. Still, it is a fascinating account of how an ambitious CEO went a little rogue and used an employee as his pawn.

What makes this story so interesting is that the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, was also one of the co-founders of a company that sold computers. It is quite plausible that the two would be acquainted, since they were both extremely successful entrepreneurs. What is not plausible is the fact that Bezos, as an entrepreneur, was involved in a very large scale fraud.

This story was known in certain circles, but was just too sensitive to come out. It is not good for businesses like Amazon to have things like this come out. The CEO of Amazon was not fired, or anything like that. But he was forced to resign, and placed on leave.

This will not have a significant impact on Amazon, because the other employees were not involved in the fraud, and never saw a penny of the money that Bezos received. Bezos did receive a lot of praise and was said to be a very competent CEO. As a result, he was offered a massive compensation package, which he accepted.

This episode is quite interesting, because the original founder of Amazon, a guy named Jeff Bezos, was involved in a scam. He was ousted and put on leave, and yet he was still allowed to collect millions of dollars from the company. We will never know the true story, as it is considered proprietary information.

What is clear is that this does not serve Amazon well, and it does not serve the reputation of Jeff Bezos. It is a shame that someone would stoop to this level, and steal money from a company.

If you are in a position where you are trying to raise money and making investments, it would be wise to check out Amazon. They are a company that you cannot afford to ignore.

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