The Customer Is King: Amazon’s Investment Of Workforce And Web Infrastructure Continues To Pay Off

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- Advertisement - is one of the greatest achievements of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. His ability to see a unique need in a market and creating a product to address that need is extraordinary. And his genius was to harness the power of the internet for sales and to keep Amazon’s price at a level where it can compete with any online vendor.

Amazon Corporation and Jeff Bezos

Bezos understood the need for revenue and eventually an Internet presence in order to protect the profit margins of And he knows all too well the cost of traditional advertising. He knew if does not have a modern advertising presence, they will not grow as fast as other similar companies. Therefore, he invested heavily in the infrastructure necessary to make it possible to leverage the power of the Internet to sell books and other products.

But Bezos did not stop there. He then designed Amazon’s fulfillment centers to be highly automated, making them efficient and capable of running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So not only can Amazon drive a lot of business on the net through its customer service, but they can do so with a great deal of efficiency and effectiveness. This gives them far more traffic and customers than any other online company.

That efficiency has opened up a great opportunity for Now that they are backed by the biggest name in business (Bezos), it’s time for Amazon to get serious about keeping the prices of their goods low and the volume of the people purchasing those goods high.

Bezos realized early on that the key to being successful was his ability to figure out a way to bring in both customers and profits. When Bezos started designing Amazon’s shipping system and pricing, he figured out how to have his employees pack and ship customer orders efficiently.

Today, the fulfillment centers are equipped with the ability to send and receive orders without human labor, which has made it a great revenue generator. Amazon now has people in all parts of the country and they are able to set their own prices. The efficiencies of the fulfillment centers mean they can deliver the orders quickly and with great quality.

Customers can get same day delivery on many products, depending on the time of day you place your order. For a company with a big warehouse and distribution center network, it means they can move large amounts of merchandise all at once, which increases their profits. This helps to strengthen their hold on the market and keeps them ahead of the competition.

Having the right products and the ability to ship them quickly and cheaply give Amazon a great advantage over other online vendors. Now that Bezos knows what it takes to succeed and can show that he can, it’s time for Amazon to get serious about keeping its prices low and getting customers to come back.

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