Facebook just launched its brand new site — here’s how to switch to it

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  • Facebook on Friday launched its new site. It’s starting to roll out now, so we’ll show you how to check it out.
  • It has a new layout that makes it easier to find stuff like your groups and pages.
  • The highlight is a new dark mode that makes everything easier to see at night and looks cooler.
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Facebook's new homepage in dark mode
Facebook’s new homepage in dark mode

Facebook on Friday launched its brand new desktop website. It’s starting to roll out now, so I’ll show you how to check it out.

The new design, announced last year during Facebook’s annual F8 conference, introduces a new dark mode with lower brightness — it’s easier on your eyes at night and I think it looks cooler.

Facebook was starting to feel a bit cluttered. The new design has more space and bigger fonts in the columns on each side of the news feed. This makes it easier to find things like the pages you follow (such as stores you shop at, local restaurants, bands you like), groups you participate in (like your neighborhood or a fan club), and events (like birthdays and upcoming cocktail parties).

Facebook said it’s also easier for people to create all of these things.

However, one setting appears to be gone: the ability to arrange your News Feed posts in reverse-chronological order. Facebook has been deemphasizing this capability, guiding users to rely on its algorithms for how posts are arranged, but in this revamp the option to organize by “most recent” is gone (or so deeply buried that we couldn’t find it). You can prioritize which friends or pages you follow.

The new Facebook News Feed Preferences settings box.

You may already have switched to the new design over the past few months, when Facebook began to ask some of its users to participate in the beta.

But, if you didn’t, here’s how to switch.

How to see the new Facebook

  • Tap the down arrow on the top-right of your screen.
  • Choose “switch to new Facebook.”

You may also see a pop up at the top of the screen that looks like this, which you can tap to switch to the new Facebook:

You may see this pop up, which also lets you switch.
You may see this pop up, which also lets you switch.

How to switch back to the old Facebook

You can also go back to the old design. It’s unclear how long this will be available, but Facebook’s site says you can go back at any time. To do that:

  • Tap the down arrow on the top-right of the screen.
  • Choose “Switch to Classic Facebook.”
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