How to Write Business Letters

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Business letters are great for establishing a professional image. Once you have a professional look to your business and your staff, people will be more willing to give you the time of day when it comes to a business decision.

Your letters should be written in a professional style. You can use bold and italics to make your text legible to the reader. The letters should be structured with paragraph breaks used to add depth to your write up. Use white space to create clarity in your paragraphs.

The format of your letter should always be neat and organized. It would be best to avoid long sentences, headers, footers, and bulleted lists as these can be distracting. All your text should flow well and not get too cluttered. Your reader will be more likely to scan your text if it flows smoothly.

The first and most important parts of your letter should be your name and the mailing address. If you are self-employed or an employee of a company, be sure to use the legal name on your letter. This will make it easier for the recipient to recognize who you are. Never send out letters that have legal names on them as it can put you in a bad light and cost you a business deal.

The second part of your business name should also include your state, city, and zip code. Put your phone number on there so that your clients can call you with questions or concerns. Include a physical address for your clients to use if they do not have access to a phone number.

The third section of your name should be your slogan. Write it out as if you were on the stand before a judge or jury. This will help to establish your identity as a professional. Use appropriate punctuation, sentence structures, and spelling.

The fourth section of your name is your signature. Make sure you use a bold font that will be easy to read. Using a yellow background with blue lettering on a black background is a good way to draw attention to your signature. Your signature will also be included on all correspondence from you or your company.

These are just a few tips on how to use a business letter format. Most professionals use more than one format, but they are best suited for a certain situation.

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