Products Made By Sabre Corporation

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Sabre Corporation is an American multinational corporation that produces medical products, devices and consumer goods. It was formed in 1929 with the merger of the Ben Ely Company and The Owens-Illinois Medical Company. The name Sabre Corporation originates from the company’s innovative designs for medical applications.

Sabre Corporation

A worldwide leader in the field of medical devices, Sabre is the world’s largest corporation that produces and markets a broad range of medical, electronic and dental medical devices. Under the direction of its founder, Joseph K. Sabre, the company provides a broad range of health and technology products in all disciplines.

Other products manufactured by Sabre Corporation include digital radiography, eyeglass wearers, ear, nose and throat, hearing aid and other audio and video products, dental appliances, bloodless stents, cardiac instruments, cardiac catheters, respirators, radiology, skin cancer testing, hearing aids, heart valves, medical books, surgical instruments, medical sutures, diagnostic equipment, and telemetry systems. Other important products include EKG tools, clinical laboratory equipment, small medical devices, dental products, laser, vascular and hormonal products, nerve and muscle stimulation, respiratory instrumentation, skin and tissue conditioning and presurgical training devices. The majority of these products are derived from the award winning RAAN (Reliable Analogue Analyser) technology. RAAN has revolutionized the way in which patients are managed by ensuring accurate and stable conditions at all times.

The products manufactured by the company are intended to address the needs of both the health care professionals and the patients in a manner that will lessen the impact of health problems. Sabre Corporation is committed to providing its customers with excellent customer service and outstanding products. Through its products, the company also seeks to offer the best products that provide customer satisfaction.

Sabre Corporation aims to offer top quality products to their customers through rigorous research and development. It constantly strives to bring out new and improved products and be the best in all areas of medical and technology. The main thrust of Sabre Corporation is providing superior medical products which will provide better solutions to the health problems of its customers.

The leading manufacturer of the RAAN instrument, Sabre Corporation provides the best medical solutions to its customers. For a better understanding of the various products manufactured by Sabre Corporation, Sabre Corporation has outlined certain types of products.

Health Information Products: Sabre Corporation manufactures and markets several medical products intended to improve the quality of life of their customers. They are available in a variety of forms such as audio and video devices, hearing aid and computer software, medical products and dental instruments. These products are used to help diagnose, treat and prevent disease. These products aim to promote health and wellness for consumers.

For instance, their products include Beep, an audio system that provides audio feedback, as well as AMR (Automated Medical Response), a system that provides medical services for medical events that are triggered by user actions. The company also makes a product called NewMed which is a painless and comfortable machine designed to monitor a patient’s vital signs. Another product called Alert features a system which monitors cardiac and respiratory activity. There are also many other products manufactured by Sabre Corporation.

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