Mesothelioma – Symptoms, Treatment, Causes and Other Information

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Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer. It attacks the thin layer of tissue in the chest cavity, just below the diaphragm. There are many types of mesothelioma, but one of the most common is the pleural mesothelioma.

The most common form of mesothelioma is the pleural mesothelioma. This form of cancer is often fatal and it has only been diagnosed in a very small number of cases. The pleura, the protective lining that covers the chest cavity, is destroyed by the cancerous tumor. If the doctor doesn’t know about a history of mesothelioma or the location of the affected area, the individual may be misdiagnosed as having an asthma attack. That’s because many of the symptoms of this type of cancer also resemble those of asthma attacks.

The most typical symptom of pleural mesothelioma is the growth of lump on the chest that can be felt with the fingers or nose. Occasionally, a lump will grow on the chest wall itself. Sometimes, there is pain or discomfort when breathing. Occasionally, a person may get a persistent cough or a change in their normal breathing pattern. Any of these symptoms could indicate mesothelioma.

If you’re concerned about your condition, one of the first things you should do is to get a complete medical history and to find out if you have any of the symptoms listed above. You should have the tests to rule out the possibility of other causes of the symptoms. Once you’ve ruled out the possibility of a lung cancer, mesothelioma and other cancers, then you should have your tumors and scan them to make sure they’re mesothelioma.

A lot of people still do know that they have this condition. They may think that they have some other type of cancer. That’s not always the case. Many people believe that they’re just stressed out and need a short break from work. In fact, if the doctor suspects that you have pleural mesothelioma, he or she may ask you to take a leave of absence from your job, just to make sure you aren’t going to end up working again soon.

If the doctor determines that you have this cancer, he or she will probably start with chemotherapy. Chemotherapy often helps to eliminate the tumor. Most of the time, chemotherapy is successful, though the treatment will be more aggressive with patients who are older, or those who have had a history of lung cancer. If the treatment is successful, the doctor may recommend that you have another round of chemotherapy.

If it seems that the treatment is working, the doctor may recommend radiation therapy. This may be just as effective as the first round of chemotherapy, although it’s always possible that it won’t be. Radiation therapy is used as a final resort, when the patient has no other options left.

If you choose to use radiation therapy, you might consider the long-term side effects. You’ll be given medications to keep your symptoms at bay. Some people find that they get a mild side effect like skin changes, rashes or soreness. Others may find that they develop a more serious condition, such as chronic fatigue, osteoporosis or depression.

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