What Is Business Casual?

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Business casual is a style of clothing that is worn to an office, on the street or in any other situation where it is expected that the employee will not dress up. It is more often than not mixed with other styles to create a unique and fun look.

There are some items of clothing which are traditionally regarded as being formal, such as ties, jackets and suits but when mixed with a few items of more casual clothing like a blazer, a T-shirt and jeans, it can be very stylish and fun. Having your wardrobe restricted by the “business casual” definition is not really fun, so here are a few suggestions for other kinds of casual clothing that can make you look smart and relaxed.

When dressing in this way, it is not unusual to opt for a blazer and a short-sleeved shirt. This is a relatively safe and low key approach to business casual wear and works very well with almost all kinds of casual clothing including all-over prints. If you want to go a little further out there, consider matching a polo neck sweater with your suits. This is a great way to dress up a pair of trousers and look smart and professional at the same time.

The simplest and most informal way to create a very informal business wear is to opt for a white tee. If you want to be less formal, you can wear a dark-colored dress shirt and white shoes to compliment the color of your dress. White is usually the traditional colour of business casual wear but whatever you do, don’t choose it just because it is the most formal colour.

A lot of women who want to experiment with their casual wear choose to go without socks or have them in neutral colours such as navy or black. Black is often the most formal colour and so is often the favoured colour of the corporate world. Just remember to put on socks before leaving the house!

In recent years, hosiery has become more common in casual clothing. There are many different kinds of hosiery, from sports hosiery to ladies hosiery, and you can mix and match several different types to create an interesting and unique look. A good idea is to select a few colours that you feel confident wearing and experiment with hosiery that matches these colours to create a stylish and versatile look.

When choosing a blazer, take into account whether you need to wear a jacket with it or if you can keep it quite casual without it, then try wearing a light-coloured top instead. There are many different kinds of jackets that are available to suit almost any type of outfit and there are even some trends where you can look stylish and chic with a full-length leather jacket without ever having to put it on.

Remember that the most important piece of casual wear is not a tie or a suit, it is your choice of colour. You can be dressed down and even put some sparkle to your outfit when you wear a sophisticated and playful coloured top. Dress it up with a pair of heels and a pair of cool and casual trainers and you have created a unique and stylish casual style that will be loved by everyone!

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