Sabre Corporation – Has Sabre Corporation Got Anything to Do With the Military Industrial Complex?

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We hear and read a lot about “companies getting away with murder” and that is why I am so afraid that we are heading towards the same type of situation that we saw with Enron. But I have to ask, is Sabre Corporation doing anything wrong?

Well, I would have to say no, but Sabre Corporation is certainly not alone in their activity, other companies in the energy sector are manipulating the markets. In fact the banks are using manipulative tactics as well, for all I know they could have already started to manipulate the banks of Japan, which again we have seen recently, so its hard to say.

If we look at what Sabre Corporation has done we can see that they have shown a good deal of public accountability, in other words if they are doing something wrong they should be willing to talk about it and explain it in detail to the general public. They just did something quite interesting; they wrote an article on their website regarding the current issue of BP’s Gulf of Mexico oil spill and how the government is trying to do their part to stop the damage, but its not working, this article was written by a customer service representative of Sabre Corporation.

This is somewhat ironic considering that Sabre Corporation has been known to fight every government agency and law enforcement agency that have ever crossed their path and of course they own a huge part of the US Military establishment and as a result they are very heavily involved in politics and have been for years. Some of the companies you will notice have been giving money to Republicans and Democrats, and it does not really surprise me, I mean who wouldn’t like to get a raise or bonus or buy a new Mercedes when you have friends in both parties and I am sure that at one time it was a benefit for the company, but now it’s getting out of hand and maybe we are seeing it in action before our very eyes.

In fact Sabre Corporation has been a very big player in Washington, D.C. for years, with the energy companies lobbying in Washington, the Congress passes laws that benefit the energy companies, not the consumer. Sabre Corporation has always supported and stood by the President of the United States of America, and then the CEO was talking about the Energy Companies are spending millions of dollars on lobbying and this is ridiculous, because if the American people knew this then they would not want to do business with these energy companies.

The top three energy companies on the S&P 500 Index have spent more than $300 million on lobbying in the last few years, and that was in one year, and some of those lobbyists probably make more than that. Of course this does not include all the energy industry lobbying, and I guess that may be illegal.

Okay, so lets take a minute and talk about a few companies and their involvement in the political arena, a couple of them would be Enron and Halliburton, with Halliburton they were apparently trying to have President Bush impeached due to him buying equipment from Halliburton and there was also a fraud lawsuit involving their handiwork and they were also trying to get the White House on board in all kinds of things. It seems as if the media loves to support these types of scandals as well, which tells you how bad the times are in this country.

Now lets talk about how your politicians are really run and some of them are crooked. Please consider all this.

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