Business Letter Format

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Are you considering a new business letter format for your outgoing correspondence? There are several different formats to choose from and you will need to make the decision that is best for your specific needs. Here are some considerations that can help you decide which format is best for your needs.

business letter format

Design. Your first consideration in any business letter is the type of style and design that you want to use. You may want a long page with no extra margins to accommodate text and graphics. Or, you may choose a compact, conversational style, or maybe even a longer format. The choice is yours.

Text. Your text should be as clear and readable as possible. This includes using one or two color typefaces for the text, including the heading, the body and the end. Using boldface or underlining your text will help it stand out more, and will improve readability.

Formatting. Next, you should consider how the text is formatted. You may want to use a two-column style, or possibly a three-column layout. You may even want to use different font sizes for different pages.

Headings. Your headings need to be the same throughout the document. This will allow your readers to easily follow the order of the document.

Main Body. Your headings need to be at the top of each page. Also, your main body needs to be at the top of the page. Do not add any extra information on the bottom of the page, like a bullet list or notes, unless you are including this information at the end of the document.

Acknowledgments. Always include an acknowledgment at the end of your document. This does not mean a thank you. Your acknowledgment should tell the reader what they should do after reading the document.

End of Page. Finally, always include the final page at the end of your document. There are several different formats to choose from; here are a few to get you started.

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