ByJacub on How To Start and Grow A Brand

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ByJacub was born in Indianapolis Indiana. He started his first clothing line in his sophomore year of high school. After designing a few shirts, he took a break from that and he put his creative energy towards making content on Instagram and YouTube. His Instagram grew much more rapidly than his YouTube so he knew he should make that his main focus. As he grew he decided he should try to monetize this so he began making clothing again and launched his clothing brand, “8itch’. His audience loved it. ByJacub has made it his mission to inspire his audience into creating something they love and to not worry about what other people think.

ByJacub gives 5 tips he used to grow his own audience and brand!

1.)   Be original, don’t try to be like an influencer you like. People will see right through that and odds are you won’t be able to outdo them with a format they created. If you are yourself you will succeed.

2.)   Provide them with something valuable, it can be information, entertainment, a distraction, something heartwarming, but make them feel something. If you don’t work to make your content stand out, then it won’t.

3.)   Share other people’s content. If people see you sharing their work they may be inclined to return the favor.

4.)   Collaborate with other creators that you find enjoyable. Don’t worry about the numbers or followers they have focus on the content they make. If you both like each other’s work, make something together.

5.)   Share your work on all your platforms, If you make a cool piece of clothing that you’re proud of, post a link on all your social medias. Get as many eyes on it as possible.


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