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Sabre Corporation is a leading manufacturer of world-class golf clubs, apparel and equipment. Sabre was formed as the merger of two companies, American Golf Products Corporation and Hard Rock Golf Club. Founded in 1970, Sabre is committed to providing superior golf clubs, accessories and other products to golf enthusiasts of all levels. If you want quality golf clubs for your avid game, Sabre is the best choice for you.

Sabre Corporation

Sabre’s full line of products has everything from beginner’s clubs to seasoned professionals. For those who enjoy the driving range, Sabre offers some of the finest golf irons available. Sabre offers some of the most competitively priced golf clubs in the industry, including the original Bell & Carlson Hit The Range and Hitting Power irons. Additionally, Sabre products feature exceptional value for money.

Designed by the world-famous F. Jeffrey Halstead, the Sabre Line is built for the avid golfer who enjoys comfort and looks. From the Slantto Magnetic Subspinner, with its unique cradle, to the Chippy Pick-Up, a custom molded grip for improved flexibility and control, Sabre’s line of products is a blend of classic and modern technology. The products are made of the finest materials and designed with the utmost attention to detail.

Sabre also designs high performance apparel for players of all ages. Their jackets, shirts, shorts and many other apparel features such as hats, gloves and footwear provide outstanding performance at a great price. When purchasing an assortment of Sabre brand apparel, remember that all items are produced to work with each other, so you get optimal performance from every piece of clothing.

Sabre also manufactures golf shoes, as well as apparel and equipment for other sporting activities. With well-known brands such as ADDA, Mizuno, Nike and Evolv, there is no shortage of excellent choices when it comes to apparel and equipment. The popular Spalding Golf Shoe collection features the award-winning Spleen’s Blunt and Spleen’s Mortar, two exceptional golf shoes manufactured by one of the premier golf shoes manufacturers in the world.

One of the most exclusive offerings in Sabre’s lines of golfing gear is their entry level line of clothing and footwear. Each of the clothing collections is crafted with the same attention to detail that is evident in the Sabre Corporation brand, ensuring every clothing item is created with the excellent performance and design features. The Hi-Top Tee Shirt, for example, features the Hi-Top Dri-FIT Performance Pant and Tops with their Flywire™ technology. As one of the highest performance cycling jerseys available, the BLI CLAW Wind-Comfort Hoody offers advanced moisture management and breathability.

Sabre Corporation has a lot to offer to both newcomers and experts in the sport of golf. Whether you are new to the sport, a long time golfer or just beginning to learn the game, Sabre products have something to fit everyone’s needs.

There is a variety of Sabre merchandise available in retail stores. Sabre Magazine is a great way to keep up with Sabre Corporation news and developments. You can also subscribe to Sabre’s “free email” newsletter to receive special deals and offers, and sneak peeks at new products before they hit the shelves. With a wide range of choices, you are sure to find something to suit your needs.

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