How to Make the Most Out of Your Business Cards

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Although business cards may seem simple, they are really very essential for your business and promotion strategy. You will need them to distribute, to hand out, and to display to all the guests in your space or on your conference call. With their simplicity and ease of usage, these cards will not only help you spread the word about your business but also make a good impression on your audience.

The first rule of doing business cards is to do one good job with them. After all, everyone that receives a card is a potential customer. Just be sure to avoid those poorly designed ones which look like they were thrown together with cheap paper. Avoid business cards that are full of logos and pictures that don’t say anything specific to people except “Business Cards!”

The next tip is to remember the “design aspect” in your thinking. If your card is too big, it is unlikely that it will be passed around among all the other guests. On the other hand, if your card is too small, it will not be a focal point at all.

In your decision making process, ask yourself if you want a card with a hard edge or a softer one. Hard edges give a feeling of being professional yet simple and soft edges make it appear more corporate and easy-going.

If you have already chosen the plastic cards, make sure to protect them from water, wear and tear. You should ask the manufacturer of your card to be sure that they are washed with mild detergent and take in the sun. Put a small piece of acid-free card into your camera to protect the card from scratches and scribbles from your own hands. If possible, try to use the manufacturer’s card holder or card sleeve to keep the cards protected.

Think about how many business cards you will need for each meeting or presentation. Try to come up with three or four different cards. If there are large groups, you can design one main card, one for the business team members, and one for the attendees to remember who won the last game of Twister. Choose a background color for each type of card and coordinate them so they match.

Know what you want from your card. You should know the address of your business, the name of your department, and of course, a logo. You should also include a phone number for customers to call you for any queries they might have. However, be sure to stick to a business card printing template.

Business cards will take up most of your time, so be sure to utilize them. If you put in enough effort, you can turn them into a marketing tool to help you promote your business.

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