This is what air travel could look like in a post-coronavirus world

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It’s hard to imagine a return to normalcy any time soon, but the time will come, likely well before we have a vaccine for the coronavirus, when the world gets back to flying.

But what will that look like?

One Italian manufacturer has an idea for a seat design that might make the idea of sitting next to your fellow potentially contagious passenger more palatable.

Aviointeriors just released a rendering of its “Janus” seat, which uses a glass partition and a reversed middle seat to mitigate the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

“This arrangement allows all three passengers to be separated with a shield made of transparent material that isolates them from each other, creating a protective barrier for everyone,” the company explained, adding that the shield is available with varying degrees of transparency. “Each passenger has its own space isolated from others, even from people who walk through the aisle.”

Here’s a view from above:

It remains to be seen how passengers would feel about such a design. The company is probably hoping it goes over better than this idea from a couple years ago:

Dubbed, the Skyrider 2.0, the “innovative” seat was designed to allow an “ultra-high density” of passengers in the cabin area. Needless to say, it hasn’t quite caught on yet.

Originally Published on MarketWatch

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