Dr. Gabe Rosenthal 5 Tips on How To Manage Your Teeth During Lockdown

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During the Covid-19 Lockdown, it is important that we do our part to avoid being sent to the emergency room or hospital, which are extremely busy and overcrowded. Here are 5 things Hollywood Dentist Dr. Gabe Rosenthal says you should do to keep that smile safe.

Make sure your oral hygiene is the best it’s ever been! “With all this extra time in lockdown, now is the best time to reduce harmful bacteria in your mouth. Brush, floss, scrub your tongue, and use mouthwash.

  1. Marshall wearing his Invisalign during the lockdown 

    Wear your oral appliances. Now is not the time to fall off track with your dental retainers, night guards, Invisalign trays, and retainers. “Teeth are more prone to shifting and breaking during stressful times with increased clenching and grinding. We didn’t make you those appliances for no reason. They can save you from so many dental emergencies!”

  2. Don’t try to do any dangerous stunts. Now is not the best time to try to perfect a front flip or playing tackle football in your dining room! “We’ve already had 2-3 traumatic accidents each week during the lockdown” says Dr. Gabe Rosenthal.
  3. If something feels off or hurts, contact your dentist. If there’s swelling or you can feel a toothache starting, call, email, message or text your dentist as soon as possible. “So many doctors and dentists are teledocs, they can FaceTime or video call you. If you can catch an issue early, you often can avoid having to leave the house as an emergency”.
  4. Watch what you put in your mouth. We know that putting your hands in your mouth is bad news. We also want you to know that if there’s a stale or hard piece of food or candy, skip it! Don’t try and open a package with your teeth either! “Dentists have to see emergencies. We want to be safe and at home too. Follow these 5 steps and feel free to reach out if you have any questions!”
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