AOC all but endorses Joe Biden for president: ‘It’s incredibly important that we support the Democratic nominee’

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I would love to see the vice president clarify and deepen his policy stances on certain issues. But aside from that, you know, I think it’s incredibly important that we support the Democratic nominee in November.’

— Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

That was what influential Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York had to say on Wednesday when asked about whether she would endorse Joe Biden, who is set to become her party’s nominee for president.

Ocasio-Cortez, speaking in a Politico interview conducted via Zoom, said her staff now has been in touch with Biden’s campaign after previously telling the New York Times Biden’s team hadn’t yet reached out to her.

When asked specifically about endorsing him, she said: “Yeah, I think we’ll see. We’re having conversations with Biden’s team and trying to figure out what some of these policy conversations were looking like.” She said she wanted the Democratic Party’s platform to “improve” in particular on Puerto Rico, health care, immigration and climate change.

The freshman congresswoman known as AOC also was asked about former Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders saying it would be “irresponsible” for his fans not to support Biden.

“It’s either going to be Donald Trump or Joe Biden that will be elected president in November, and we have to live in the reality of that — of those choices,” she said.

“As a person that represents an intensely vulnerable community — a community where this choice can very much mean the difference between life and death or, you know, being separated from their children or not — I think it’s, for me, personally very important to be in solidarity with the families that I represent in supporting Joe Biden in November.”

The former vice president has scored several high-profile endorsements this week, starting with Sanders, the Vermont senator, backing him on Monday. His old boss, former President Barack Obama, then endorsed Biden on Tuesday, and former Democratic White House hopeful Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts senator, announced her support early Wednesday.

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