What Will You Need to Become a Business Administration Major?

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Becoming a Business Administration major, or B.A., requires more than a standard four-year degree. It entails a unique blend of social skills and academic attributes to succeed in the job world, especially with its emphasis on being a problem solver. Here are some of the things that will be needed to get a B.A. :

business administration

Life Experience: The career choices in business are vast and varied. Because you will be dealing with companies and people all day long, life experience is a must. You will also be working with your peers, which can be beneficial if you have a positive relationship with others. The internship or voluntary work you may choose to do will help build your interpersonal skills and give you life experience, both of which will be needed in order to succeed in your business administration career.

Leadership Skill: There is no better skill to have in business administration than leadership. You will need to lead people in a given situation. If you are not able to lead, then at least know how to delegate and have the confidence in your leadership skills. People will respect and look up to you for your leadership skills, which will allow you to gain trust in them and lead them well.

Work Experience: You will be doing a lot of work for an employer. This will require you to go to a lot of meetings, take notes, and present written reports to your superiors. For this reason, you will need to have some work experience prior to you getting your business administration degree. An internship or volunteer work will help you gain the necessary work experience in business administration.

Academic Skills: Just as life experience is a must, so is your ability to learn new information and apply it in your academic pursuits. Your work experience will help you in this area, as will be volunteering or interning. The best way to accomplish this is to find something you are interested in and learn the ways of the business world. Studying a major in business administration in college will help you develop new skills and knowledge in this area as well as help you learn and absorb the new knowledge your life has to offer.

Communication Skills: Business administration is about communicating and giving directions. This is not just a formal way of communicating but rather a natural way of communicating with the people around you. In order to communicate well with your superiors and peers, you will need to learn to manage your time and be prompt with your responses. Communicating effectively and quickly with others is a skill you will need to have.

Ability to Disagree: One thing that is extremely important in business administration is that you demonstrate initiative is nothing without dissent. If you cannot discuss an idea with someone who disagrees with it, then you will never get anywhere with any task you will be doing.

As you can see, becoming a Business Administration major involves many different aspects of life, but it will also require you to deal with a lot of new ideas and people. A good background in academics and life experience will help you be successful in your career.

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