Jordan Mangan (Buckethatboyyy) Shares Crucial Tips on Growing Your TikTok Account


Jordan Mangan, commonly known as Buckethatboyyy on TikTok, has grown to over 110,000 followers in a matter of months. He is a 16- year old influencer and entrepreneur. He is described on his FamousBirthday’s page as an “American TikTok star who is best known for his lifestyle, meme, and dance-related video clip content. He often does his own original characters or impersonations in his TikTok videos.”

Tip #1: Use hashtags!

Hashtags are a sure-fire way of getting on the coveted “For You Page.” TikTok uses an algorithm where trending videos are related by the use of hashtags, which means, the more hashtags you use, the better chance you have of being discovered. On the Discover page on the app, the top videos with trending hashtags are shown, which means that hashtags are incredibly important when you’re trying to get views. I make sure to use as many useful tags in the description of my videos to have a better chance at success.

Tip #2: Keep up with trends

Whether it be trending sounds, hashtags, or comedy, make sure to stay relevant. Tiktok favors anything that is trending, so if you hear the same music on your FYP three times, then use that sound, you will get more views with that video than with a piece of different music. A common mistake that new creators often make is using the wrong music. You may be asking yourself, “Why does my video have fewer views but more likes that this other video on the FYP.” The quick answer is that their video is using trending items. Stay relevant!

Tip #3: Engage with your audience

Listen to what your followers want to see. After all, they are the ones who decide if they are going to like or comment. Not to mention, answer your followers’ comments. Making a personal connection makes them feel special, and the likelihood that they will remain a follower of you increases. Everyone wants to be noticed on the app, so take the 15 minutes out of your day to connect with your followers. Go live and talk to them!

Tip #4: Have a unique username

My name is Jordan Mangan, but my username isn’t that, its Buckethatboyyy. Having a unique username allows people to look you up easier. Also, people will remember you easier and be more likely to tell their friends about you. Thus, increasing your follower count.

Tip #5: Post Consistently

Just like other platforms, TikTok rewards its consistent users. Post regularly with quality content. But be careful, don’t put out a lot of bad quality content. It is always quality over quantity. It has been proven that HD video clips that take up the whole screen have a better chance of getting more views. The algorism favors videos that look good.





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