Priyank Chopra’s Efforts To Help The Poor

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It has often been said that the best place to learn about a person is within themselves. This holds true for Priyank Chopra. A self-proclaimed medical luminary, the Indian doctor, author and speaker works to share insights in the form of public lectures, books and courses. Since his early years in India, Chopra has worked closely with the best minds of our time.

Priyank Chopra

Priyank Chopra spent many years in a hospital and was subjected to many gruesome medical treatments before he finally made it out. He was then encouraged by his father to stay on and study medicine in Boston, Massachusetts. His determination and commitment to pursuing his dream resulted in him landing a perfect medical degree.

A case history of a young boy who had cerebral palsy, Priyank Chopra came to realize that it was not necessarily the treatment that was wrong but the fact that a child was not able to communicate effectively. He changed this philosophy in the very beginning of his career. As a result, he has been able to share some of his experiences from the developing world with other patients.

On his travels throughout the developing world, he has noticed how many people were complaining of the diseases prevalent in their countries, yet they could not be cured. The underlying problem was that there was no professional help in the country. A system had been set up and people were not aware of the system or how to utilize it. In order to resolve this problem, Priyank Chopra founded an organization called Priyanka.

The future had looked bright for Chopra, when he had turned professional and decided to make use of his expertise to open a practice in the medical field. Priyanka is currently a part of the Global Medical Practice. His innovative solutions have helped people who cannot afford conventional treatments make a way out of a dark corner of the medical world.

Priyank Chopra spends most of his time traveling to remote areas and teaching people, who are on the verge of losing hope. He presents innovative ideas to the present medical fraternity. At the same time, he encourages people to come forward and help the world by using the knowledge and power that he has received over the years. Every person who is free from the shackles of illness has a right to be heard only through Chopra.

For those who want to take up education in order to make money or avoid peer pressure in their lives, Priyank Chopra offers a program called Priyanka School, which allows you to enroll in a 3-month course and start working immediately. This money-making program is designed for those who are able to begin their careers or stay at home and take care of their families.

Priyank Chopra also sponsors a charity program called Pray for AIDS, which gives free education to HIV/AIDS orphans and those infected with sexually transmitted diseases. He has helped many people suffering from diseases that would otherwise put them into hospital wards, find a ray of hope in the form of education and hope.

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