Khalid, a Muslim in Hollywood

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Khalid, the cast member in the movie is a great role model for the young actors. The role of Khalid is the first Muslim representation in Hollywood in the movie industry. In fact the movie is successful because of the prominent role played by Khalid.


Real world experiences and interactions during travels helped to prepare this young actor. He has experienced various situations and had a sense of being a part of them. His videos on the internet reveal him learning about the culture and lives of other people and how he can deal with it. In fact, they give a glimpse into his personality and allow people to judge him for himself.

In a short span of time the young actor from the film industry has gained immense popularity. The role of Khalid in the movie is all the more appreciated for the fact that he doesn’t have any extra baggage or extra requirements of his character. This film breaks the myth of being Muslim role models by the new generation. They are seen to be humble, honest and hardworking. There was a news story of a film studio in South Africa that went out of its way to hire a Muslim actor, which helped to boost the community.

The young person Khalid who has risen from the film industry is trying to take others from all walks of life along with him. He follows the rules of Allah without any thought of putting himself in his own box. It is interesting to note that this is the same culture of diversity that the mainstream society has been looking forward to over the last few years.

Immigrating to a different country in search of an opportunity can be really difficult. But if you are prepared and are mentally strong enough to do so then there is no problem. But if the decision of going abroad comes as a result of some negative thinking, then it becomes a major obstacle in your journey to become successful.

We see that there are wonderful actors who are being introduced in the world. A few of them like Peter O’Toole, Leonardo Di Caprio and Colin Firth are known for their charisma and their ability to step outside the box. The role of Khalid is similar to this. The movie was successful because of the presence of the star quality that it offered. Most of the movie audiences were moved by the entire movie and could not stop talking about it for a long time.

The next project is another movie about Islam called ‘Muslims in America’. But this time the character portrayed by Khalid is not a good role model for the young. This time it is a girl who has undergone a change of heart and becomes a very important part of the movie.

Islamic movies and the stories portrayed in them have come to the fore due to the increasing demand for such films. The time is now right for the young people to follow the path laid out by Khalid. It is because at this point of time there is a lot of pressure on the young people to make a difference in their career and get a fair share of attention. Now people will begin to look for role models in the areas which are already getting popular.

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