What is Priyank Chopra Does to Heal the Body?

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Priyank Chopra is the best-known doctor in the world. The most famous of all his works are the one’s “The Secret”, “Quantum Health”The Artist’s Way”. He has been visited by Madonna and at times even played himself in a film. But did you know that the use of electromagnetic fields to heal the body has been in use for centuries?

Priyank Chopra

The Indian scientist, Dr. Pachauri (Pehlevi Kumar, 1879 – 1982) is credited with discovering the efficacy of using electromagnetic fields to cure ailments. Some scientists suggest that he was the first person to use the treatment on a human being. According to them, Pachauri had observed that the EMF effects on different physiological systems.

However, as the study progresses, it seems as if a person needs to gain experience before he can truly understand what the principle of the treatment actually means. According to scientists, people who have used the treatment find that their bodies receive better results than when they used conventional methods. From increased immunity, immune system growth, fewer infections and detoxification of toxins, there are many wonderful benefits experienced by those who undergo the treatment.

It was first developed for rehabilitation and patients receiving electric stimulation. In case of trauma or surgical procedures, it is also beneficial. It works as a mind cleansing tool, reduces pain, improves quality of sleep and increases alertness.

For a while, studies conducted in the field of electrical therapy showed that it enhances the strength of bones and increases bone density. As part of the study, osteoporosis victims received lower amounts of calcium and vitamin D from supplements in an effort to boost their bodies’ ability to absorb nutrients. The study showed that the increase in calcium and vitamin D levels led to the healing of fractures and bone loss.

Electric therapy is mostly used in conjunction with acupuncture to promote positive outcomes. It is now known that acupuncture focuses on your meridians which are centers of energy and the flow of life energy. Since they are similar to nerves, you can see why an electric touch can stimulate a specific one.

Another benefit of this type of treatment is for its use to relieve symptoms related to asthma, allergies, skin problems, diarrhea, insomnia, constipation, insomnia, eczema symptoms, neurological disorders, arthritis, diabetes, and depression. It is very popular with women, since it is great for back pain. However, it is advised to get rid of standing water before the treatment session.

Lastly, there is the spiritual element of tapping into the universe. It can be combined with conventional treatments for many people.

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