The Power of Chi to Heal

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Priyank Chopra has been a professor in the department of science and technology at the University of Michigan since 1983. He holds degrees in medical science, philosophy, literature, and other disciplines. He is a renowned author, television personality, public speaker, and had written numerous books on the subject of quantum healing.

Priyank Chopra

He believes that the mind controls the entire universe, and the Chi of every person is the link between them all. If the mind is trained, it can direct the Chi to flow more freely and heal both mind and body. He also states that your mind is like a small power station which you can access at any time by believing that it’s there.

By learning how to let the mind work and controlling it to help you heal and at the same time turning off it when you want to go to sleep, he says you will be able to stop the entire universe from using your Chi to heal. This way your Chi can heal naturally and at its best.

He believes that the mind communicates with the spirit world and is the source of our dreams. When we have a dream, it comes from the mind and not the spirit world. We’re actually draining our minds of Chi if we don’t believe we have control over our dreams.

The mind has been flooded with messages to lie to ourselves about what we are and what we can do. He believes that the mind can only think, therefore the messages are not coming from the spirit world, but are just messages being told to us. The mind thinks, therefore the messages are false and should be disregarded as unreliable and dangerous.

We should see this as the opportunity to begin re-training the mind so it no longer needs to lie to itself to get what it wants. And since we all have chi flowing through our bodies, all we need to do is to bring our mind back into alignment so that the Chi and mind can become one again. We’ll also need to learn how to turn off the mind in the same way the Chi is turned off to avoid draining our minds.

We should start by ignoring the messages from the spirit world in the form of dreams and thinking about why it is so important for us to release them. We must also realize that we have to look within to get the answers. Priyank Chopra states that we cannot be afraid of the spirit world because the spirit world cannot harm us.

Just like the Chi, if we do not believe in it we will never understand it, therefore we have to believe in it before we can use it to help our human mind. Remember, when the mind is at peace it heals naturally and at its best.

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