Oprah on How to Be a Leader

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Oprah is one of the most popular and well-known media personalities in the world. When you have watched her interview with Bill Clinton, you will see how gracious and loving she is a great leader. You will also find out that she has great charisma and is able to captivate an audience. You should also know that she is very brave and courageous, but sometimes she can get overly excited and will talk about things that are not true.


Oprah might be too quick to judge and sometimes can be harsh with her opinions. She is well known for making cheap jokes at your expense and gossiping about others. Her current ratings on television are through the roof and you can see that she is the talk of the world. I believe that when she feels depressed, she might speak negatively about certain people. Oprah is very intelligent and she has been a very successful business woman in her own right.

Oprah often has difficult interviews because she is an introvert. She knows that if she makes too many enemies she will not be able to move forward. She can be arrogant and be critical, but she is very compassionate.

Oprah has major accomplishments and is very rich. She has made a lot of money and can definitely say that she has done it all by herself. If you have heard her saying that she did not need any help or support, she is not telling the truth.

She has had a very successful life and you can probably relate to some of the struggles she has gone through. It is very hard for her to forgive and forget and she will always be looking for someone else to blame. She has three children and they are loving and supportive. Although Oprah does not have a lot of money, she still has enough money to live comfortably. However, she lives a very low budget lifestyle and you can see that in her home videos.

One of the best things about her network TV shows is that you will be able to see her working as a mother of three children. She was able to create a home and children that do not spend their time at school, but instead at home. She loves her children very much and they come first in her life.

Although Oprah was able to create her home and children, she has a very demanding job as the host of her network TV show. She has to keep up with the demands of having five children and helping them with their homework and other chores around the house. She is well aware that she will not have time to fully enjoy her life like she would like. She is lucky that her husband Larry and children have a very large house that is quiet and peaceful. They allow her to experience the comfort of her own home, but there are times when she does have to leave her home to go on the road.

Oprah is a great female role model because she does everything by herself. She loves to help people and is willing to give advice to anybody who asks for it. She has a very successful career and knows what she wants from her life.

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