Unapologetic Black by Billie Eilish

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I’m not going to pretend to tell you what Billie Eilish is all about, but let me tell you who she is. She’s the first black woman to ever appear on the cover of a beauty magazine. And she is also one of the most interesting, clever, beautiful and intelligent women in the world. Her book, Unapologetic Black, reveals that true inner beauty lies in the soul of every black woman.

Billie Eilish

I am tired of seeing African American women (especially black women) dressed in a manner that is either demeaning or extravagant, such as wearing long dresses and clothes that are full of beads, sequins and other items that are just for show. It’s unfortunate that black women can be just as fragile and special as anyone else, but that they are forced to wear clothing like this. In fact, Billie Eilish shows how you can be just as beautiful without sacrificing your individuality. You don’t have to go overboard in order to look hot; you can look sexy and confident just the way you are.

When I first read Billie Eilish’s book, I was a little bit confused about why she decided to write it. After all, this isn’t her first book. Although, it’s very well written and there is no doubting the quality of the writing. But then I remembered that Billie has been struggling as a young girl because of the ridicule and rejection she suffered because of her race. She was just as surprised by the response of African Americans to her new book as anyone else; that she wrote it anyway.

I really enjoyed the book because it’s so inspiring. It talks about what African American women must do if they want to be beautiful and attract others with their charm.

Billie explains why African American women should consider their familyas important when choosing a life partner, and that the family is the foundation of happiness. She says that, “If you expect to have a happy life and a positive future when it comes to marriage and family matters, you need to ask yourself, ‘what can I do for my family?’ Family is where the future begins.” It’s hard to accept that your family is not happy because of you, but it’s much easier to understand why Billie was devastated when her father died.

Billie Eilish also touches on how African American women should start planning their families. They should plan to have kids at a young age and begin having them at the earliest opportunity. She says that, “when a woman’s body is ready to bear children, the desire should rise to the level of a primal call.” This is why, even though she grew up in a single parent home, she never felt that her mother abandoned her. There were always love and care that she received from her mom and dad.

Many people might say that Billie should have chosen a career in the entertainment industry instead of becoming a beauty queens. In fact, she says that she loves what she does and she would do it forever. Besides, she has a great husband who is very supportive of her success.

At the end of the day, it’s very easy to see why Billie Eilish’s book was such a huge success. It talks about what black women can do for themselves and each other. We should make our family a priority if we want to be happy. Her book can inspire us all.

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