The Oprah Winfrey Channel Will Be There For the Young Women of Today

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Do you think Oprah Winfrey will be on her way out of the channel? If so, what would happen to her? We are all huge fans of her, but is she still the perfect choice for the channel? Will they have a problem if she retires or dies?


It seems that she has a two way communication with the people at Hilton, who have made her the face of their company. That may be the main reason they continue to give her the time she needs to make her decision on whether she is willing to continue as their hostess or not. They probably don’t want to waste their money on having her retire early and replace her with someone who wouldn’t be able to handle all the media attention.

After all, she has been doing this for quite some time and seems to have a good feel for what kind of audience to draw in as far as what they are looking for, when she chooses to do the show. And it is a constant learning process, as she will eventually make her mind up about what kind of shows she will run. Maybe she can even do a talk show with the help of some of the other people in the channel, so that she can offer advice to them and get credit for her work.

What are we going to do when she stops talking about her shows and needs us to talk about her? Her other products will be something to sell and add to the bottom line, but we need to be happy to be part of the Oprah family. I hope the Oprah Winfrey network continues to grow because I think that the network was a breath of fresh air when it first started and I will miss her if she decides to retire.

I really doubt that we will see an entire new group of personalities emerge. But her network is so well known for being a hodge-podge of different personalities, that there will be a place for many of them. I will always remember seeing those videos of her that she made of herself in some awkward position or another.

She has a large following in the girl power movement, the heart-throb-factor that most of us women are looking for. But her show is so light-hearted, that it helps everyone relax and enjoy the ride together. Maybe she can do a talk show now and then where she takes questions from the audience.

But unless she has some radical change to the way she does the show, there won’t be anything really out of the ordinary, in a giant glass box, it is the same old Oprah Winfrey. But my question to the people at the network is, will she be there for us?

I wish her well and hope that she will return as hostess when she wants to be. Hopefully she will be able to inspire the younger generation of women and give them what they need to make them feel like they are important and successful too.

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