Sofiya & Rafic: Why They Drop the Sale

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Billie Eilish, otherwise known as Sofiya from Sofiya and Rafic; a newlywed couple from Toronto, Canada. In the first episode of Sofiya and Rafic, the couple were approached by a gentleman who wanted to purchase their first house together. To their surprise, the gentlemen explained that the house belonged to a mutual friend who passed away.

Billie Eilish

With a new start to a new life, the couple took on the challenge and decided to sell the property. Although they were in a position to do so, it was most likely not something that they wanted to do. They wanted to get rid of the property that could mean an even more stressful situation for them.

At first, Eilish and Rafic were hesitant to sell their property because they really wanted to keep it. However, they changed their minds when they found out about the property’s current condition. What the couple realized was that they could not offer their home at a price that they would have considered fair. The reason behind this is that the house was bought with a bad credit score.

It was stated that if the couple would sell the house, they would still need to pay a portion of the house’s price and the buyer would be responsible for paying for the rest of the amount. The couple felt that this situation was unfair. They were unhappy that they had to repay a larger amount for the house that they owned. These are the factors that lead to the couple dropping the process of selling the house.

Despite the fact that they did not want to sell the house, the reason behind this decision was because Eilish knew that it would be easier for her to get rid of the property if she found a buyer who already had a good credit score. She chose not to sell the house because she knew that there were probably plenty of people who were interested in purchasing the house, but were stuck with a bad credit score. These individuals are typically unable to obtain loans from traditional financial institutions. If they tried to go through the process of getting a loan from such institutions, they would usually end up failing.

The reason why people with bad credit can find it difficult to find a property to purchase is because it is usually difficult to get lenders to approve a loan application. Usually, a person would need to have a very good credit score before they can even get the ball rolling. This is a very tough process for someone with bad credit, and often times these people will need to resort to other options to be able to purchase a home.

If you are one of these individuals who are suffering from bad credit, then you should not worry. There are still plenty of ways that you can be able to buy a home. One of these options is by investing in your home.

There are plenty of reasons why a person may need to purchase a home even though they have bad credit. Of course, some people have no problem getting a mortgage, while others would prefer to work with a private investor, but this type of sale is still possible.

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