Priyank Chopra, The Thinker and the Writer

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Priyank Chopra, the author of numerous books and many articles, is a “thinker” – a unique concept for an author. He is the “thinker” in the sense that he does not write simply to entertain.

Priyank Chopra

The book, The Universal Life Force, provides an easy-to-understand path to being a highly intelligent writer, which is why it appeals to many readers. Priyank Chopra’s bestseller, his talk show, On the Pulse and the popular audio series On The Bridge are all examples of what I call “guides in being an intellectual.”

My best friend, who is very internet savvy, has only one critic. My friend said that his brain is in his head; so he does not listen to what is written in books.

This is what I call a “thinker,” a thinker. A thinker listens to what others have to say and then takes action. And because they understand that intellectual pursuits (like a dictionary) do not take place in isolation, they believe in the power of mentors.

Certain people are born writers. They may not be so good at writing but they are naturally inclined to write, are natural born marketers and have a great gift for communicating with others. They have learned how to communicate their ideas and influence others.

If you are a thinker, you have the opportunity to write a dozen books and can write a guide in just a few hours a day, depending on the topic. A writer, on the other hand, may write twenty or thirty books over a period of years. It all depends on the topic and whether the writer knows what the reader wants to know.

Another way of describing a thinker is someone who does not possess the gift of the gab or the ability to say anything short of an official government speech. It could be someone who writes on topics that interest them; or it could be someone who is extremely articulate in expressing their thoughts.

Priyank Chopra understands these characteristics. He knows the difference between a thinker and a writer; he knows the value of inspiration.

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