Are You Sure You Love Netflix?

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For many years Netflix has been the place to go for a great selection of movies and TV shows. But is this so long term? Will you be satisfied to always go to Netflix and just pick out movies you are in the mood for on the fly?


Many of us watch our movies or TV shows on our computers, but how often do we actually watch them? How often do you turn the TV on and get into it quickly? I guess for the majority of us our movie watching is often interrupted by something else that we have to get through. But even still, the best movies we watch are the ones we came across on Netflix.

But as people get older, is it just Netflix that they are interested in? Would Netflix be less valuable to them if they lived longer? I guess at some point, one can only watch so many times a day so it makes sense to keep the personal collections for the future. And for some people, that is great.

But for most people, the goal should be to have the best of everything. The good news is that there are a lot of sites that allow you to pick out Netflix episodes and watch them when you want. A number of them even offer something called Instantflix where you can watch Netflix movies right from the website. Some of these places even offer a DVD service with them too.

This all sounds great, but is it actually going to be the case that you will be able to do the same thing that you are doing now, but just for your own life? Will you be doing the same things that you are currently doing? Will Netflix and Instantflix be the same as they are today?

I am sure that many of us like to go out on a movie night and just enjoy a good movie and a bit of conversation. Isit possible that Netflix is going to lose some of its popularity because people are spending more time watching movies and TV series instead of movies?

To be honest I am not sure, maybe Netflix is just going to continue to add features to their service that will enable them to make it easier for movie nights and other family activities. But you may find that it is going to be more comfortable for you to stay on top of your movie viewing if you are able to watch it from home on your own schedule.

There are many people that enjoy Netflix and movie nights, but most of them are the first timers. They just started subscribing to Netflix and this is something that is new for them and they may well find that it will take them a little while to get used to.

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