“The Last Kaleidoscope” (Kalamazoo) Movie Review

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“The Last Kaleidoscope” is a sequel to the 2020 film “The Secret Life of Bees.” It stars Aziz Ansari as Khalid, an Arab immigrant working in an East Village sandwich shop who comes to New York to pursue his American dream.

Nowadays, many people associate pizza with a New York getaway club, and Khalid is one of them. He has a good job and he loves his wife; however, life is very different in the US. When he finally gets his application accepted, he lives in terror.

Khalid soon learns that his father had another son, and the two boys were killed in a subway train accident in a small West Indian country called Namibia. Khalid meets an old friend, Louis, in Brooklyn who shares his story. Their story is about to take a turn for the worse.

Mariano G Giancarlo’s screenplay is truly charming, as the plot picks up right after the conclusion of the first film. The audience is treated to an engaging storyline with an excellent cast.

Khalid isn’t the only character who faces further trouble as the film progresses. Some new elements to add depth to the world of “The Last Kaleidoscope” such as a child psychologist and the development of a childhood friendship.

Cameron played by Aziz Ansari plays the part of a sensible comic foil. As he says, his role “isn’t a big deal, but for me it’s my life.” Cameron speaks so beautifully, it seems like he doesn’t even need to deliver his lines.

To some degree, the movie may be seen as a sequel to “The Secret Life of Bees,” which was based on a book from the same name. In that regard, Cameron and co-star Alex Borstein get more screentime in this sequel.

Overall, “The Last Kaleidoscope” has its strengths and it also has its faults. It should be viewed as a final resolution to the trilogy, and the movie is a worthy effort by Cameron, Ansari, and Borstein.

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